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3 New Years Resolutions You Can Make With The Kids

November 29th, 2017
3 New Years Resolutions You Can Make With The Kids
As a New Year comes around our minds start to think about resolutions. We may want to switch careers or get a promotion. Lose some weight or cut down alcohol (I said we may want, not that I intend to!)

It’s nice however to be able to share a resolution with your children. Something you can work towards together. So here are three family orientated resolutions you can set with the kids as well to benefit you all!


Why not take start exercising together as a family? Whether you resolve to go on a bike ride once a week, swimming regularly or even learn something new...getting fit as a family cam be great fun. Yoga is particularly good for young children as it helps self control whilst simultaneously helping mummy de-stress!
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Try something new

Why not make a resolution to try one new thing each month. This is a great way to share interests, build confidence and try new experiences. Have you always wanted to try archery? Does your child love painting but has never tried pottery? Could you be brave and try the big slide at the local pool together. Make a pact to take turns each month to try one new skill, hobby or adventure! Life is for living after all!
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Be environment friendly

How about going Green in the New Year. Discuss with your child some of the issues we gave from wastage, using too much energy and so on. As a family think of ways you can help to make a change. You’ll be surprised how well kids will take to the responsibility and they’ll soon be nagging you to switch off the light or wash that tin up to be recycled!
What will your family be taking up as a New Years Resolution? Share your comments below...and Have a very Happy New Year!

Hayley x

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