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The Cutest Babygro's Ever!

July 24th, 2017
The Cutest Babygro's Ever!
Who says babygro's have to be boring? Gone are the generic teddies, cute elephants and fluffy bunnies. Check out these fabulous and funky slogan babygro's.

For the girlies

Whether your little baby girl is full of sass, a perfect princess or the ultimate diva, there's a slogan with her name on it!
We may all be modern working women in reality, but this first number makes us want to grab the credit card and order...along with a pink frilly tutu, giant fluffy unicorn and a real live pony that we so want to treat our little ladies to!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 4
Sure, we're not saying our little princess is prettiest of them all-but heck-we so are!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 6
That moment when daddy cries with joy,"It's a girl!" Then the reality hits home and he sobs, "It's a girl" whilst having panic struck visions of his sweet little girl growing up and dating!! This is the perfect babygro to encompass that dread!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 8
Ah, aunties...always with the fun; never with the consequences...as they feed your little princess Haribo by the bucket load.
Proud Mummy Blog Image 10

For the boys

Baby boys don't have to be restricted to dinosaurs and trains anymore. Check out these cheeky numbers!
For your 'fly' little man. Sadly grandparents "Don't get it anyway' but the rest of us will think it's brilliant!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 14
Like Marmite, you'll either love or hate this babygro...guesses are dads will love it!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 16
Never a truer word spoken!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 18

For both

Girls or boys can enjoy these hilarious slogans starting with this, an absolute must for new mums being thrawted at every turn by well meaning know it alls.
Proud Mummy Blog Image 21
We wouldn't want to really...
Proud Mummy Blog Image 23
We're loving this personalised number, proudly displaying mum and dads names. Let's face it now little one is here the parents are often forgotten about anyway so this may be just the ticket.
Proud Mummy Blog Image 25
Yes, grandma's spoil their grandkids:FACT. May as well roll with it.
Proud Mummy Blog Image 27
What are your thoughts on slogan Babygro's! Any others you love or hate?

All of the featured slogan babygro featured can be found on Ebay.
Keep an eye out for our favourite film quote babygro blog, coming soon!

Hayley x

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