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Are You Missing Out on Free Money From Asda? (Receipt Checker)

July 6th, 2017
Are You Missing Out on Free Money From Asda? (Receipt Checker)
How do you do your food shopping? Online? In-store? Click and Collect?

I'm an online shopper by and large. That being said I swap, so one week I'll do a big freezer shop at Iceland, then I'll stock up on tins and jars from Aldi and the following week either Tesco or Asda to get all the things I couldn't get from the other two stores!

Most recently I've been shopping at Asda, usually online as it stops me impulse buying when I walk down the bakery aisle (or the confectionery aisle, or the alcohol, or the crisps, or the Pot Noodles, mmm...).

On the whole, Asda is a pretty good store for an online shop. Apart from the odd random replacement item (Lambrini instead of Prosecco: do they think I'm 15?) the prices are reasonable and the quality also quite good. My only gripe is it lacks the incentive of a bonus card or rewards points. Come on, we know we all love a store card.

What most people don't realise however is that there is a way of getting a nice little kickback from Asda when you shop: Asda Price Guarantee.

If you've done a shop either online or in store you can log it to the Asda Price Guarantee Click Here to Buy to compare your shop to other stores.

To qualify their T&Cs state you must have purchased at least eight items, one of which should be comparable to one from another store. Online shoppers need to wait 24 hours after shopping and in-store customers just three hours. The receipts can be checked up to 28 days after a shop too, so if you did a shop last week, get checking!

I just logged in and got £1.59 back on my last shop, even though it was cheaper (according to their comparison tool) than the other major stores. Asda promises to be 10% cheaper or more, and if not they will give you a voucher for the difference.

So, if you are an Asda shopper (don't be ashamed to admit it-you can wave your Waitrose bag for life around all you want, we know the truth!) get yourself onto the Asda Price Guarantee site and see if you can get back some money for nothing.

Hayley x

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