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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer

June 21st, 2017
7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer
When I was asked to write this post, my natural instinct was to conjure up some of those obvious winners - the IPad and the TV! The Von Trapp mother (AKA parent guilt) in me however, felt that perhaps I should dig a little deeper for ideas to entertain children over the summer. So I thought of the following;
I cannot state enough how brilliant good old H2O is at entertaining the kiddywinks. Whether you have tweens who want a water-fight, pre-schoolers looking for a paddle or tots splashing in puddles (it’s the UK guys...our summer will inevitably involve downpours at some point!) water play is always a family favourite.

My Harry Potter obsessed four year old has recently been spending hours mixing potions in his water tray out in the garden. I’ve armed him with an array of cheap bubble baths, shower gels and shaving foams – you know, the unwanted Christmas presents that are lingering in the back of the bathroom cupboard- and some of those plastic washing powder containers you get with your detergent, and he can’t get enough of it. Plus, I feel like super mum as he learns about the different densities of liquids, "Why does that one float on the top mummy?"

You cannot beat a few hours mucking about in the water to fill the long, hot summer days. Just watch for muddy feet and a waterlogged grass afterwards!


This may seem like an obvious one but it’s one we often overlook for its entertainment value. Don’t feel you need to travel far, I often trot off (or am dragged by my overactive Border Collie) to our local cricket field with the little ones and set up a picnic.

It’s amazing how the same cheese sandwich and box of raisins can become so much more exciting when your sat surrounded by nature, soaking up some much needed Vitamin D.

Whether you while away the day climbing trees or making daisy chains, the simplest things are still the best. Throw in a bottle of bubble mix or a Frisbee and you can make a day of it. Just be sure to pack wet wipes, sun cream and hand gel!

Build a Den

There’s a good chance that if you have kids you’ve got one of those cute little tepees that cost you an extortionate amount, or a pop-up tent that you keep forgetting to pack when you head down to the beach.

Well, leave them be!

Grab yourself some sheets, pillows, chairs and whatever else takes your fancy and get building. There is something whimsical about building your own fort. This one works equally well in the garden on a gloriously sunny day, or under the dining table on a grotty rain soaked one!

Make sure you let the children get busy with the building as it’s the process as much as the outcome that gives the entertainment factor. You can pat yourself on the back for this is a great opportunity for kids to learn problem-solving while they have a great afternoon of fun.

Go Fly a Kite

Grab your Mary Poppins bag (you know the bottomless one filled with wet wipes, hand gel, tissues, raisins and so forth) and Go Fly A Kite. The essential technique to remember for success in this activity is to expect failure. That’s right. Head to an open space and be prepared to never get the kite off the ground; hence the FUN! Just choose a windy day because a still, sunny day just won't cut it!

The running round, the whoops of excitement as a small gust lifts your kite a foot in the air; these are the moments your children will treasure. Don’t feel you need to be an expert, stunt diving, kite-er (kite-driver? kite-ist?). This is another activity where the process outstrips the outcome, but as well as a healthy dose of exercise (especially if your running with the string tied to the stroller!) it’s just full of amusing You’ve Been Framed potential.


Most libraries run specific events over the Summer Holidays, such as Reading Challenges and Story Sessions. However, even if you just pop by for an afternoon you can while away hours, weather regardless, sharing books with your little ones.

In all honesty, my house is pretty much a library in itself, we have so many books (self-confessed bookworm here!) and I used to think the library wasn’t really worth a trip. Then I took my four year old there over the summer and came home with thirteen books he had chosen and sat for a straight two hours (no exaggeration) whilst we read each and every one. It’s still one of my favourite memories to date!

Send a Letter

Ah, technology. Emails, texts, social media…who needs stamps anymore? In fact who has stamps? Life is such that the art of sending a letter can actually be a special occasion for our little ones nowadays. And before you criticise, "My child can’t write their name yet, let alone a letter", there is no reason you can’t send a simple picture they’ve drawn or handprint.

Talk to your child about who they’d like to send it to, let them decide what to draw or write. Show them how to put it in an envelope, write the address and stamp it and -here comes the exciting bit-let them pop it in the post box.

A lovely activity that is going to while away at least half an hour of the day, bring a smile to your recipients face and bear reward later in the holiday if they get a response.

Local Events

With social media being what it is, it’s now easier than ever to look up what’s going on in your local area and get involved. From markets to fayres, charity events to nature trails, there’s usually something happening in locally that can help you fill a few hours.

Start following local ‘What’s on in?'’ groups and get involved with your community.

So there you have it, seven fun and free ways you can keep the kids entertained during the summer holiday; and if all else fails you’ll always have technology to fall back on.

Do you have any fail-safe ideas on entertaining children over the long holidays?

Hayley x

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