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September 12th, 2017


Fan Comments

Kate Beavis
Rachal Lawrence I think we need to get Chris Beavis a princess dress不不不不不xx
Henni Willcox
Chanelle Dowding, I can so see either of Cherry's uncles doing this! Can you get photos if they do!?
Georgina Martin
Simon Martin Richard Martin Gavin Harsham Eliza will be waiting for her turn with her uncle's to do this rofl Chelsea Adamou Tom Whalen don't you agree xxx hahahaha
Kelly Kells
Jessica Sims I'd go as Robin for ruby lol so she could be batman/bat girl
Jo Dart
Luke Gibbons why did I think of you straight away? Xx
Teresa Cassidy
Niall McQuillan are you this kind of uncle
Samantha King
Jodie Draper reminded me of the pic u put up the other day lol
Niamh Mannion
Stephen Mannion Aaliyah wud so make u do this!! She wud defo pull d Godfather card
Karen Ward
Marci Cunningham could see u doing this for your nieces
Rhiannon Parsons
Geraint Hier would u do this for Olivia
Natalie Waite
One for uncle Jonny Mac next time the nieces come to stay 不不不 or uncles Ashley Taylor-Waite and Ryan Waite of course lol xx
Holly Watson
Haha Charlotte Watson will Craig Meldrum do this for Rosie
Lisa Rudd
Fiona Rudd scott would have done this no hassle 不不歹
Jodie Hope
Paul Beattie do you really deserve the greatest uncle title!? xx ps I know you'd probably do this to be fair, ha! Xx
Tor Lloyd
You going to do this for Nyla Neil? X
Nicole Smash Mckinny
Arabella Bird is fair do this to nardia just to embarrass her
Tanya Edwards
Steve Edwards would you do this for Ava?
Stephanie Carter
Steve Bryant you should do this #cooluncle 不
Sarah Hughes
Harry Large get your high heals ready
Kaylin Light
Chantelle Casey I can picture wesley being this kinda dad hahaha
Lewis Roberts
Damo 'Pikey' Page I just glanced at this and I thought it was you at first
Deb Nannagum Redgen
Michelle Higgins wonder if Ben Redgen would do this for Addi 歹
Michelle Cleal
Padraig Mullan you need to be this kind of uncle lol
Vicky Kenworthy
Kay Baker at a glance thought this was Keith
Jayne Stewart
D獺ith穩 Mac Raghnaill Ross Stewart - you pair would do this for your nieces I'm sure!
Jane Eckert
Peter Eckert would you do this for Nicole Eckert, Lily or Emily????!!!!!!
Nuala Anne Pill
Take notes Decky Pill Michael Lawrence Mada Egral Ydennek if your ever takin emily to the cinema lol
Claire Mullan
Darragh & Aaron uncle duties..
Paul Bowdler
Danny Withers He looks like Alex
Francesca Louise
Harry Hopkinson i could see you doing this
Caroline Crosby
Paul Dempsey would you do this for your nieces or wear a boys costume for your nephews
Krystle Maree Cox
Mitcham Duval would you do this for Jayde
Charlotte Lee
Kirsty West if we gave harvey the chance to dress as wonder women
Savannah BreeNy Victor
i bet u can't do dat wit rosa bree n aleah hahaha Bowe Gregory
Laura Henley
Matthew Henley jaimi矇 said can you go cinema with her in a pretty dress xxxx
Kayla Barnett
Feel like you'll be this kind of daddy Korey Te Patu
Christine Allis
Chloe Nicholson, would Isla and Madison's uncles do this for them? I actually think they would. Xx
Charlie Field
Toni Jade Field omg how much would skye love it if we all wore princess dresses on her bday
Charley Smith
Ryan Smithx
Luke N Jacinda
Cory, uncle points 101!! Will word bry up
Trisha Quinn
That be Sarah & James some day Angela Quinn
Inge Vd Steen
Jesse DP gy me skye
Lindsay James
Luke Jayden Lang Adam Lang Adam Lang Ryan Lang which one of u will do this??
Nicky Hendy
Adam Slator this would be U
Gemma Green
Liam Bonner why won't u do this for your only niece?
Donna Marie Morrison
Daniel Williamson why can I imagine you doing something like this for Emma 不歹 Xxx
Marianne McNeillis
Hamish McNeillis you better be this type of uncle whenever I have kids
Brenda Dunbar
Wendy Boyd reminded me of what u said about the bairn
Gemma-katie Cresswell
Lee Bourke you know this will be you 不不不
Kim Harding
Some hero's wear princess dresses.
Hayley Donnelly
This be u Wayne Donnelly xxx
Kelly Perry
Gavin Webber this be you lol x
Lisa-Marie Rodgers
Uncle Dwain
Elaine Hilliard
Anthony Hilliard Matthew Lawlor can't wait for 1 of u to do this with Ava
Julia McMaster
Matt Tangney this made me think of you and Ellie :)
Kylea Johnson
What an awesome uncle xx Paul Johnson Puchades Maturana would you do this
Sian Evans
Billy Evans bar is set for awesome uncle
Hazel Briggs
Eddie Briggs - this is so you x
Katie Allen
Martin Thorpe would you do this for your niece!
Maggie Doherty
Would u do this Shane D Doherty
Simone Mis Understood Meakin
Richard Mason ...........
Aaron Allen
Jordan Allen ? Would u do this for taya
Winnie Penny Fletch
I thought this was you Gareth Williams !
Charmaine Ellard
Luke Smith something you would do
Louise Heaton
Andy Heaton would you do this
Stacey Walker
Bradley Horton this would be you 不不不
Shannon Leigh Hetherington
Dylan Hetherington
Alix Williams Duffield
Andee Williams
Chris Smith
Melissa Smith
Nicole Smith
Would you do this for kye Jamie
Emma McClellan
Emma McClellan Harriet and uncle Chris McClellan In a few years. Lol x
Jen Turnbull
Daniel Wright got to get you to do this
Jimmy Speedway
Good man great uncle
Sarah Wagstaff
Now ladies and gentlemen..... This is a REAL man!!!!
Le簿la Rebekah Canniff
Owain 100% going to be you x
Brad Coleman
This will be you Sam Coleman
Gayle Magowan
What a great uncle she has lucky girl xxx
Gema Dalby
uncle Ben this is uncle goals right here
Pamela Duffy
what a guy
Kym Mcdonald
Aww Nicky Mcdonald next trip with Lacey
Holly O'Toole
Martin O'Toole can see you doing this
Carley Louise Holland
Gary Moor reminds me off you
Nicolle Furer
Cameron Furer u need to do this with addy!
Lianne Cudbertson
I can imagine this being you Mike Harvey xxx
Amber Whittle
George Shepherd you need to up your game
Jade Vincent
Connar take note
Julie Hassell
Jake Cook next time you go. X
Rebecca Shadwell
Simon Stockley i could see you doing this lol x
Sarah N穩 Bhaoill
She looks more embarrassed now that he's in public with her
Anita Woodward
Love it!!! Give that man a high 5!!! Best uncle ever!!
Liane Hinsley
Now thats an uncle bless xx
Natty Emma
Amazing uncle
Ann Parkins Westcott
Love it. Kudos to the uncle!
Roy Giles
Top man
Simon Scullion
Good for you mate!!
Amanda Lewis
Aren't u glad I've only got boys!!
Phyllis Churchward
Well done uncle,
Maureen Raywood
As bless, that's true love
Garry Harris
Well done man after my own thinking
Anne King Was Smith
What a lovely uncle she has.x x x
Rosemary Harris
Best uncle.
Samantha Mannion
I love it ! X 歹
Anne Marie Brown
What a brilliant uncle x
Sammie Walsh
Allison Jay Barrell
What an uncle!! X
Chloe Booth
Aww he's so sweet to that for the little girl melts my heart
Laura Grist
Sweet loving uncle
Kylie Baker
Samantha Bradbury
Fair play x
Ann Brooks
Aw how cute x
Daniel Williamson
because I would and for my nieces xx
Chai Simmons
Arren Gasson some of your duties to fulfill with daysie
Maureen Taylor
How lovely x
Gina Farley
Well done Uncle.
James Fieldsend
Ye dude
Pauline Clemson
No l uncle 綾
Joanne Boughton
Ian would u do that for your neices
Tracy Cobban
Roy Mckinnon this is what I was telling you about x
Triona Ryan
Conor Ryan would u do this for holly
Leanne Hargreaves
Ryan Hargreaves this is the kinda uncle you are
Marilyn Harvey
Super Uncle, XXM
Emily Mason-Hill
Simon Topliss Kendall will have you doing this!
Laura Freemantle
Keiren Freemantle will you do this for indie lol and
Denise Gallagher
Neil Andrew Wotherspoon are you this kind of uncle???
Simon Topliss
Not a hope in hell!!!!!
Gemma Tucker
Gary Tucker would you do this for your nieces
Colleen Standing
One very brave dad. Good on ya mate
Gail Macfarlane
Murtaugh Ton - could see you in this ensemble!!!
Joanne Taylor
Jim Perkins you and Talayha could do this
John Fieldsend
James Fieldsend I'll just say makeover on camp
Teresa Fieldsend
James Fieldsend Paul Hallam David Gray just gonna leave this here
Paula Mockford-carter
Sean Mockford would u?
Chrissy Gill
Lloyd Harris u and lu
Luda Williams
Scott Currie Todd Hayes 返領歹
Amy Kathryn Hopkins
Simon Oliver Marsh Matt Coombs Tony Perrin Nigel Hopkins
Kaylee Powell
Byron Jones Annette Watkins
Claire Gawley
Jason Gawley
Danielle Ward
Steven Goodall
Joanne Daniels
Robert Daniels this would be you
Alicia Simpson
Jamie Smith
Kay Spedding
Joe Longstaff - just saying 不
Suzanne Taktikos
Nikos Taktikos take note lol
Maddiee Peppard
Michael Chandler this is so u x
Nichola Elaine Etienne
Roy Watler take note
Jenny Beard-Mylonas
Michael Larman send to Andrew lol
Donna Finnerty
Ha ha Keith Kieran Patrick 不不不不不不不不 Andrew
Louise KC
Nathan Cowie hint 不不不
Ilona Smith
Uncle Grant Smith?
Beckii Jo Page
Samantha Appleby Joe Newell for Emily haha
Christine Myers
Mark Wratten xxx
Rachael Wicking
Jeff Davies
Lynne Marie Skyrme I'm that uncle
Melissa Hillier
Marcus Tuck xx
Alexandra Martins
Jo瓊o Mig MadMar!
Lauren Davies
Mikey Ronnie Dean Ronnie
Rachel Bowdler
Craig Hobson !
Ellie Sarah Cakebread
Dan Tyrrell Ewan Cakebread
Bek Walsh-Donnelly
Robert Daniels
Georgina du Feu
Chris Horton
Stevie Evans
Liam Manoli
Sarah Armstrong
Scott Armstrong Jack Armstrong
Bunty Gurdin
Emily Parker
Emma O Connell
Dave O'Connell
Charlie Howell
Nathan Kane Pickles
Gemma Hewins
David Hewins
Suzanne Bowers
Jake Hawky Hawkins
Lisa Watto Ravenscroft
Lee Watson
Vicky Broster
Ryan Broster
Ema Lockhart
Ashlei Jayne
Luce Kate
Mathew James
Joanna Louise
Jason Dalton Mark Bonney xx
Maura Kelly
Se獺n Kelly
Bec Podesta
Josh Hands
Rebecca Hurlow
Tom Hamilton
Freyja Jessika Thornill Roberts
Estee Roberts
Rebecca Lungley
Mark Lungley
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