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September 9th, 2017


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Janine Williams
My son said to me only the other day. "Mum I bet your childhood was boring" I said "no way son, I had adventures, always out all day when I could, building camps, climbing trees, on my bike, skates and around friends houses. More than you ever do son" Rather my childhood than on a gadget.
Hayley Wallace
This is a load of rubbish. Kids do want to play outside but it's ruined by selfish, horrible adults out screaming at them if they dare set foot outside their house. No laughing, fun, bikes etc. God forbid. Give yourself a shake, I don't know one kid who wants to spend all their time on a computer.
Tracy Williams
yeah we were always outside or in the back garden with our mates and playing on our swing, in the summer paddling pool, we were always out at the beach and canoe lake my nan lived near the beach, we went on picnics and treasure hunts, loads of outdoor things to do, wish my kids would but all electronic gadgets these days , technology has a lot to answer for
Carol Newman
Yep sad world now to much technology it's all computers no fun in trying to work things out and play outside like we used to have fun that's all disappeared now never see many kids playing outside anymore inside on phones x boxes watching Tele that's there growing up
Deb Chamings
Would not change my childhood for anything! I loved being out all day with all the neighborhood kids getting into mischief (good mischief ) going to buy hot chips when we got hungry and sharing a coke....ahhhhh they were the days 😍😍😍
Rita Teesdale
Yes most definitely,when I was young we played out all the time rolling skates , bikes ,swimming in lakes beaches best ever did not cost a penny few sandwiches and bottle of. Crona off you went for the day. Best childhood ever in Wales. Xxx still miss its .💋
Caroline Knight
Yes to right more safer to do things and play, them days could even leave front doors unlocked,.can't now during the blimin day
Patricia Keating
I wish this world wasn't so dangerous and that my gran children could of had this kind of childhood memories .unfortunately the world has changed and not for the better Im thankful for technologhy at least I can keep them safe online
Sarah Guidoum
My child hood was shit and board going on holidays that only thing that was fun all my friends always hanging out in the parks I was in home doing homework let say nothing changed from now I have my own kids they stay in home playing on there ps3 all day on line
Thomas Satterthwaite
Yes,I am.As a young boy I could identify wild birds,fish, and most wild native animals.i was never in the house.The time spent out and in conversational meetings with my mates was educating.When I look back,I wouldn't swap that for all the technology and gadgets of today.
Diane Hirst
Would have my childhood all over again definitely ( early 60's/70's ).👍
Paula Carroll
Yep. Feel sorry for youngsters now. They'll never have what we had 😥
Louise Jewell-Fewings
Yes but it was a lot safer to play out in the street
Rosa Dillon
Too damn right. There are good things about technology but it can also be intrusive.
Julia Anne Ball
Bloody right I am shit at technology and my kids take the rip..Dan Pearson, Debs Pearson and Chris Pearson...true or not??? X x
Jo Cain
We had great fun in the open air having adventures and it did not cost anything, just imagination.
Christine Cole
Oh yes,think we were much happier,than the kids today.
Colette Nicholas
Stephanie Nutter we had to be in when the streets light came on.
Mel King
Strike a balance use technology for learning, but outside comes first .... there is a world to explore
Pete Harriman
Yep sure did Hels!!...Hope your working hard inthe city lol Xx
Pauline Willis
Yeah had a lot of friends and out all the time. Kids now are always in with their gadgets
Sally Clare
Absolutely! No mobile phones so our parents had no idea what we were up to all day. We just "dropped" in for food!!
Sarah Crookes
Yes I am cuz all social media is is socially X mentally bullieing X other stuff goes on aswell with snap chat X other apps that you can talk X take pics but socially media should ave been invented so many children out there getting bullied X then doin my hem selfs in cuz they Carnt deal with nasty stuff that they get sent xx
Janet Armagan
Yes.... The comments say it all!!!!!!!!!!
Gemma Kedzior
Yes! Hence why my kids play out as much as possible!
Rosemary MCcarville
Oh yes!! So much more to do and the freedom to do it! 💝
Susan Scott
Most definatley
Jennie Dale
That's for sure
Sarah Jane Sheffield
Yep sure am
Debbie Mullett
Without a doubt
Jolene Collier
Yerp 👌🏼
Michelle Field
Definately yes!!!
Toni Louise Thorpe
Yep 👍 xx
Nicola Cuthbert
To right
Glenys Neal
and my childrens
Bec Holder
Yep to right
Jason Seymour
God yes
Charlotte Fenn
Hell yes
Michelle Ashford
Yep x
Patricia Deer
Gaynor Hitchcock
Julie Chambers
Oh yeah
Tania Jane Needs
So glad xx
Tracy Crichton
Nicola Hamilton
Liane Hinsley
2 rite. X
Angela Arthur
Oh yes x
Sharron Clarke
Maureen Kenmuir
Shirley Horne
Oh yeah
Kirsti Koch
Lisa Bonny
Soozie Treece
Jacqueline Sweeney
Dawn Hawkins
Most definitely
Dorothy Lazenby
To true !!!
Birgit Berry
Pauline Odonoghue
Kevin O'Donoghue this is soooo u xxx
Anna Louise Lockwood
Deborah Larder-Shaw Paul Redfern Craig Shaw WWW 😜
Stacey Fry
Lynsey ✌🏻😳😜
Vikki Lou
Alan Walker this was us
Amelia Shouler
Eli Shouler Stef Shouler Zach Shouler-Jones
Emma Yerolemou
Keeley Barrow xxx
Lizzy Gilders
Emily Moore x
Sharon Henson
Sian Hinkley
Sharon Busby
Shane Busby
Ann Wilkinson
Oh yes for certain.
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