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September 7th, 2017


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Michelle Wilson
Stupid idea, so if they need medicine 3 time a day for a week you're meant to give them three lollies a day πŸ˜‚ don't think so. I just give mine a drink to wash it down after
Sarah Sezza Hazell
Another option is to mix the medicine with a little yoghurt, blob onto baking paper and freeze! Little yoghurt shots with a hint a medicine 😝 my kiddies take their meds now (if they're needed) but this did work! πŸ‘
Natasha M Mhasho
Most children's medicines contain sugar, the lollipop has a high sugar content.. using this method 3/4 times a day over 7 days will give your child dental problems.. so it's a no from me.. πŸ™…πŸ½
Kerri Highsted
Mine would realise it taste rank and throw the lolly lol xx
Ashley Carr
Samantha, Dale you need to try this with evie
Becky Dandy
Good idea my LG will not take medicine at all it take 2 of us to pin her down to give and she still spits it out
Michelle Simons
Would try anything hun but she doesn't eat sweet lollies either.. it's a nightmare.. she won't even take Calpol now which she would before πŸ˜” xxx
Julie Arnfield
Great idea if it wasnt overloading them with sugar... or pose as a serious choking hazard! kids have died from the sweet coming off the stick and getting lodged in their throats. Defo a no go for me!!!!
Lisa Guppy-Kerry
Paigetyler Hand. Another idea..to go with the trillion others you've tried xx
Jenny Turner
Best idea. Remind said child you are the parent and they are to do as they are told and stop molly codling them.
Kylie MacKenzie Campbell
Anna Sandlant this could work next time for katelyn.
Orla O Hara
New idea for us Mary McGarr πŸ˜‚
Sam Oneil
Amy Leigh Dibden seen this and thought of you xxx
Frances Poole
Like that's really good for their teeth. If the medicine does not rot them, the lollipop will!!!
Beccy Wellsted
By the time it's finished they'll be ready for the next dose!
Belen Iglesias Martinez
Just give the medicine as it is. And prepare any drinks they want.
Clare Evans
Jolene White you should try this if the boys ever need medicine again xXxX
Natalie Kelly
Might work Mandi Donna Gibbons although then I will have the paronia of the lollipop πŸ˜‚xxx
Lisa James
This wouldnt work by the first they would decide they don't like it and refuse to even lick the lolly x
SeΓ‘na Masterson
Mix med with some diluted or fruit juice and freeze in lolly makers cooled down as well as med worked a treat for mine πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Christina Glenn
Ate cause a sugar over load is brilliant before bed of they have to take it morning afternoon and night lol
Lynsey Moffat
I'll try this thanks Carrie cant get a medicine dummy anywhere except online xx
Jessie Hewitt
Lynne Hewitt try this with George if he ever needs medicine
Jean Fenton
wouldn't work if the kid didn't like lollipops !! (my granddaughter doesn't)
Sarah Fontaine Nicoll
Mine only eat organic handmade candies that don't rot their teeth. ROFL!!!!
Katrina Anne Watson
Megan Boweyx πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ as if anyone would do this lol
Joanne Parry
I put food flavouring in it. Got told by a pharmasist as long as you put it in individual doses and not in the whole lot it wont affect the medicine working.
Kimberley Tarry
So you have to keep taking the lolly off them? Wouldn't they cry every time you took it πŸ˜‚
Suzie McEvoy
Wish I'd seen this a couple of years ago. My son wouldn't take his meds
Lara Reeve
Laura Mc Gonagle
Eileen McGuinness now that's an idea!! πŸ‘€x
Gemma Louise Mansell
Shelley Mcloughlin good idea for darcey xxx
Sara Hall
Donna Gardner need to try this on Toby lol xx
Jennifer Sufferin
Laura Boyd would this work??
Evelyn-ellen Baker
Charlene something u could try for Leo x
Kimberley Anderson
Kelly Pateman have you tried this one lol xx
Shelly Harris
Debbie Bonazen what about this one ? X
Michelle Simpson
Lisa Loveridge we should have tried this πŸ‘
Amanda Stewart-Tosh
Kelly-Ann Tosh
Donna Ford
Becky, Vanessa may come in handy xx
Amanda Hobbs
No, no, no!!! 😑
Elisa Lealea Earl
Put it yogurt works better!
Katie Denial Eyre
Should try this with harry lol Amy Kent x
Pauline Cassidy
Then you get a rollicking from the dentist .
Julie Baldwin
And kill their teeth !!!!!
Lucy Burkett
Maisy Yule I'm going to try this one aswell πŸ˜‚
Kylie Scobie-trumper
Nicole Fawcett this is one of the ones I forgot xx
Stephanie O'Neill
Liam!!! Xxx
Stephanie Cotgrave
Louise Collins this could work on Carmen!
Clare Hamilton
Colin Hamilton worth a try next time with wee madam
Rachel Sullivan
Jade Lucy Sullivan maybe we should try this xx
Jenny Lee
Carlene Dunlop
Nope just nope
Samantha Fettis
Wouldn't fecking eat the lollipop x
Michaela Stacey Silsby
Won't this take absolutely ages? Fml lol xx
Becca Thompson
And then theres dealing with the raging tooth decay later!
Leigh Warren
Hope they like going to the dentist instead then
Kayleigh Bruckshaw
my kid aint that daft!!
Amy Mann
But it would make the lolly taste nasty surely??
Nikki Court
Dumbest idea ever! πŸ˜‚ Smh! πŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Sarah Miller
Or put it in a yogurt done that with mine
Leanne Watts
Ciara Watts Keela would def take her medicine this way πŸ˜„
Siama Symzes
Simone you should try this with Adam xx
Michelle Hunter
Clare never thought of this
Simone Mcdermott
He still won't have it I've tried
Tracey Wineera-Tungatt
Mine are good for taking there's
Lisa Murray
Lol, anything is worth a try!
Sukhy Sandhu
I use to do this with my son
Lucy Cullen
Jenny Sarah Hickey
Lisa Marie Fitzakerley
Seams a long winded way
Sally Hammond
Nicki Lawson have you tried this with Amelia? Xxx
Hannah Buchan
Darren good idea for Emilia
Lisa Turrell
Michelle Simons an idea for next time?!! Xx
Leesa Borradaile
Boza Borradaile shpuld try this with lincoln
Faye Waterman
Lisa Murray shall I try this?! Lol
Catherine Doherty
Bronagh Mceleney that's a brilliant idea
Corinne Foy
Hahah Jodie Stanley one for Thomas lol x
Tasha Lill
Stephen Campbell remember this for Dillon
Jade Mcdonald
Sammi Hadfield xx
Leanne McBride
Natalie McNicholl? Worth a try?
Kirsty Mcgregor
Theressan Julian Hansen maybe try this
Angela Flannery
Michelle Wilson for casey 🀣
Leyla Uzsoy
Tracey Gilbert xx
Amy Simm
Emma Parr Stb Austin cx
Steff Morris
Jade Berry ☺
Nikki Tanner
Sadie-marie Gordon
Devan O'Hara
Karly Hill
Jeanette Bull
Gemma Louise Turner
Emma Rochford
Amber Muzolf
Jessica Rose Gamble
Alison Wharton
Jayne Maloney
Leanne Holden
Jane Noonan
Lisa Evie-Rose Eustace
Nerida Louise
Karlee Mcpherson
Sam Brammer
Victoria Elliott
Angela Duncan
Chloe Duncan for logan
Hayley Howard
Louise Maria Clement with the little ones?xx
Susan Jane Green
Stephanie Haire Lily lol x
Coral Williams
Nicola Nic Nic Clark good idea!!
Sue Sprenger
Paige Sprenger try this
Jess Thomas
Amy Lawrenson xx
Shanise Digweed
Jessicar Quinn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carrie McCrindle
Lynsey Moffat x
Emma Threadgate
Marcus Nicholson πŸ˜‚ Aimee Threadgate
Jemma Ward
Toni Paddington!!! Xx
Swaleha Goolamhossen
Maeta MaΓ«ta Uppiah
Fiona Lee
Kirsty Dunbar
Lindsay Stemson
Lorna Jane Hendrick Liam Hancox
Kara Noble
Vickie Tribble
Gemma Bazeley
Charly Johnson
Charlie Parker
Corinne Pinard xxx
Stephanie Rushby
Lauren Rushby. Danielle Rushby. Danielle Spencer xxx
Mandie Giles
Dani Elle
Ciara Maughan
Mel Bonner
Katie Earle
Ryan Earle
Gemma Smallwood
Ceri Louise Mcmurray
Tia Love
Shannon Day
Kiera Forde
Kelly Whelan
Carly Trimby
Kelly Young
Ashley Beynon
Jared Beynon πŸ‘Œ
Drigita Butler
Sarah Fredricksen
Zoe 'Slater' Fox
Key Slater
Natalie Ackerley
Hayley Garthwaite
Stacey Hackett
Mark Hackett
Jessica Denham
Joanne Enver
Karly Clifford
Kristina Craig
Elaine Dickson
Linda Robinson xx
ZoΓ« Louisa White
Lucy Hayes 🍭
Emily Louiise
Bev Speak
Michelle Austin
Emma Austin
Kate Cooper
Kellie Robinson Jennie Hedges Kerri Davidson
Marie Wilkinson
Amy Babington πŸ˜‚
Amy McKim
Maureen Congerton Peter McKim
Leigh Walker
Claire Lang
Zara Lawrence
Emily Farren Hayley Bright
Jess Beer
Whitney Harris
Christina Mawhinney
Ashleigh Mawhinney
Claire Carr
Samantha Fettis
Claire Collett
Laura Collett
Susan Brown
Amanda Cairns
Debbie Watson
Sammy Watson Chloe Jade Watson
Charlotte Ramshaw
Gillian Blackett
Jodie McColley Worn
Trish Mccolley
Sara-Jane Davies
Rhea Burnett
Justine Ashcroft
Kai Ashcroft
Caroline Scott
Sally Percival
Susan Cowan
Vikki Wallace
Kayleigh Crayson
Gemma Thorn
Lynette Holmes
Zarah Hall
Leah Mummy Baverstock
Tina Knight-Norton
Kiera Mimms
Kylie Wood
Lorraine Louise Donnelly
Caroline Ellis
Kerry Gibney
Kirsty Jade Gibney
Chanii Howes
Autumn Bethany Cross-Devlin
Kie Harper
Tonee Bee
Nadine McNulty
Chris Searle
Carrie Nicole Hinton
Luci Bourne
Gemma Rodgers
Abi Rodgers
Rebecca Brown
Tracy Mills
Sue Bulmer
Emily Bulmer
Paula Long
Emma Carter
Kimberley McManus
Becky Mary McManus
Keileigh-ann Natasha
Paul Bartholomew
Nicole King
Carly Tozer
Amber Pease
Tommy-Lj Briggs
Nina Hallisey
Aleisha Hallisey
Ann Mc Guire
Siobhan Walsh
Sarah Priddey
James Semmens
Erica Wilson
Nichole Gorman
Jane Willsher
Yasmin Onoyivbe
Charlotte Reeve
Becky Wolsey
Siamak Frv
Ba Har
Laura Scott
Samantha France
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