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September 1st, 2017


Fan Comments

Tiffany Southam
It's a great idea.... for a few weeks, then you forget about doing it, then you forget the passwords, then you can't access them... I did it for my 3 kids 5 years ago
Donna Drapier
I started this last year have emailed myself the password​ I have also got a memory box for her which I have written the email and password in, I don't do it religious but still got a few years before she turns 18
Becky Oliver
I started doing this but didnt keep it up. Will have to send them another email soon and check their accounts are still active x
Stb Lar Perry
I did this then hotmail updated to outlook and I lost everything even messages to my my boys my mum who is no longer with us. It sounds good until it goes wrong 😩
Charlie Poile
Kerrie Thorley its a bit late for sean but a good idea for you for little man....thoigh i dread what would be in there from mike 🀣🀣
Laura Michelle Skeldon
Problem with this is you can't reserve emails address and especially for 18 years. They close inactive accounts now after just a year.
Dani Cirillo
Anna Vigilante u should do this send Antonella a picture of her penny 🀣🀣xx
Shona May Mair
Danny Mair and Amy Burdin already done this !!!!! xxxxxxx started it about 3 years ago !!!!!!! xxxxxx
Annemarie Sinclair
Brill idea just pity I never had anything like that back then but I've got boxes of their stuff
Rebeka Rahman
If only I saw this post 14 years ago ... I would have probably done it..!!
Danielle Yelly Ryan
Victoria Louise this is a lovely idea
Joanne Kavanagh Tambie
Ian Tambie have u been keeping our ones up to date?
Natalie Duffy
Ciara Rooney this is soooo something you would do.... ya big softie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€
Mags Creighan
I done this for my wee girl and reguarly send her emails, only thing is i cant remember the passwordπŸ‘Ή
Claire Parkinson
What a brilliant idea! Layla Matthews, you could do this for Oscar x
Cassie Wade
Brian Hammond a lovely idea for you to do with your princess.x
Heather Knight
I have done this for both my children... it's a great idea..
Maisie Damjanovic
Every few weeks you'll have to go in and open those emails because they'll be archived and locked!!
Sammie Jelley
Alison Lawrence you must do this, what a fab idea xx
Andrea Roblin-Francis
Bethan Harrison this is what I was on about to you before, so cute x
Sharni N Nessie Savage
I do this did my girl. Just hoping there not all wiped after so many years.
Jonathan Boland
What a lovely idea!! Might do this if I'm ever lucky enough
Lucy Blackwell
What a fantastic idea Polly Ann....! XxxxxxxxX
Hannah Mayes
Alex Hunte this is a brilliant idea x
Louise Taylor
Kaihla Gibson should do it for bubby πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Marie Denis
Ben Elliott we should do this for the girls x
Melissa Ann O'Neill
Darren O'Neill <3 this idea xxxxxxx for ours.
Jen Jen Hartley
Jade-Marie Robinson this is a great idea for baba xxxxxxxx
Emma Cameron-waller
Dani Chappell we should do this for wilder xx
Leona Whiteside
Paige Hawthorne this is a lovely idea xx
Karen Pullinger
Connie Heeney this is a lovely idea xXx
Elaine Price
Ella Meanwell what a perfect idea πŸ’‘
Jamie-lee Thomas
Tyler Jane Thomas we should do this for the kids xx
Vanessa Wilde
Craig Wilde.......nice idea?
Chrissie Farrant
I do this on Facebook, just need to Load that on their 18th
Jane Hirst
That a good idea wish I though of this
Samantha Browne
This sounds like a fantastic idea Cassy
Jenny Jones
And a few emails from Rwanda asking for ur bank details for £1000000 🀣🀣🀣
Hanna Mayes
That's such a lovely idea
Rosie Mahon
What a great idea 😍
Elaine Coyne
Brilliant idea πŸ˜ƒ
Sue Redford
PaulGillon this is right up your street x
Sarah Dudson
Omg thats magical x
Heidi Desmond
Love this idea
Tracy Pyle
What a fab idea πŸ™„
Jodie Liddy
Actually gonna do this today lol Andy Graham
Jim Smith
18 years of spam
Nicola Gill
Lovely idea
Marie Nolan
Great idea..πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ
Kelly Elizabeth
Tony Kearney we have to do this
Lesley Spurr
Michaela Pascall here's something you might like 😊 xx
Stephanie McCabe
Another good one to do for the baby Caitlin Tidmarsh xxx
Sarah Houcke
Sarah Dunn
Luke Dunn we so need to do this x
Rachel Tovey
Kelly Chappell you should do this for Dylan x
Rachel Berresford
Jessica Jayde Foster this is a fab idea for Tyler.
Becky Burton
Cat Morris you should try this 😊
Jill Lockwood
Hayley Keyl - ❀️ this idea πŸ˜€
Janie Stewart
Charles we should start this
Chelsea Mcdonald
Lenin Moore we should do this
Angie Craig
Lesa Galloway that would be kl for riley
Meadbh Totes Ni Dhaltun
This is a fab idea Danny Brosnan 😍😍😍
Natalie Bishop
Emma Dingley how cool is this idea πŸ˜… xx
Jayne Gilbert
Olivia, Jordan, Kate, Lucy an idea for you all 😘
Paula Valsler
Lauren Scoons James Valsler Nice idea for Leo x
Mandy Gracie Prev Irwin
Lauren Elizabeth Esders Natasha Windebank you ladies could do this for your little princesses xx
Sally Slater
Lovely idea Lisa Slater πŸ€”
Kaleesha Thompson
Chantelle Rathman this would be soo good
Katheryn Hitchcock
Karen Hammond love this idea xx
Emma Louise Waterfall
Adam Waterfall how good is this x
Emilie Haines
Aww Emma Louise Hurst we should do this!!
Christine Elliott
Kerri Barsby this is sooo you
Tracey Mosquito Moseley
Jamie-lee Taylor this is a good idea xx
Andy Harris
What an ace idea Benjamin Abbott
Tammy Foster
Jazmyn Jamison this is cute to do for Belle Thompson😍😍😍
Siobhan Byrne
Brian Mclaughlin great wee idea xx
Wendy Gill
What a great idea Hannah Carrington Natalie Ellis and Daniel Ellis
Denise Clayton
Jade Ann Clayton lovely idea xx
Robyn Wadley
Sharnni Hughes Cassie Mahar good idea 😊
Martine Cutts
Trevor Cutts love this idea x
Jaki Yuill
Dannielle Yuill how good is this xx
Tina Heremans
Dana Vermeulen Sofie Peeters Elke Rose Buelens - Smets Sharii de Hertogh πŸ‘πŸ» doen!
Lou Ford
Hanna Mayes do this for em
Amy Foster
Vicky Robst lovely idea x
Stacey Simmons
Lee Brinson, good idea. X
Sophia Morrissey
Natasha Louise Fox this is cute
Becky Nolan
Andy Nolan good idea x
Kerry Greenall
Levi River Lambrick this is a good idea
Lindsay Bowen
Bonnie Gibson start now 😁
Tracy Neal
Grear idea Harley Mitchell ?
Barbara Starrs Martin
Great idea Kelly Ben Miled
Lynsey Charlton
Amy Walker Stephanie Jane Reid xxx
Verbakel Wendy
Stefan Verbakel ☝🏻️
Lydia King
Jade Lydia King lol
Julie Shanks
Kelly Johnson Stacey Johnson lovely idea πŸ’‘ xx
Cari Nichole
Jaymz Werry Kristen Holbrook
Demi Clarke
Charlie Bandoo Hannah-Jae Harrison Sophie Armstrong
Gerry Berry
Emily Mills πŸ’œβ€
Sharon Rothwell
Sam Rothwell xx
Sarah Pearce Eavis
Sinead Elizabeth Pearce do this xxx
Sheryl Donoher
Sonia Moody Melissa Cullen
Charlene Wilson
Jodie Still x
Lisa Webb
Lisa Endean x
Karenl Fluskey
Leila Fluskey x
Michaela Sharkey
Stephen Taylor x
Keala Jane Carroll
Adam John Meaney πŸ˜€
Jenni Boyd
Rachel Cowey Oli Cowey
Louise Mawlod
Samantha Bradford x
Tracey Sullivan
Sophie Leeth Phil Burton
Joeanne Shuttleworth
Darbi Shuttleworth πŸŽ€πŸ‘ΆπŸ» x
Shelley Makin
Taisha Michelle Rivers πŸ’™
Holly Dover
Rachel Fredericks
Jackie Tume
Toni Collins Anna Johnston
Jade MJ Duffield
Danny Black xx
Zan Camper
Rebecca Camper
Anna-maria O'neill
Seamus Magill
Denise Sweeney
Pauline Sweeney Kerr
Taisha Michelle Rivers
Tiffany Baker
Kerry Jones
Kimm Dovey
Tiffany Baker
Aimee-Damian Budden
Jenni Mcvey
Sophie Mcvey
Kelli Linton
Vicky Harmes Stacey Linton Rebecca Wingnut Linton xx
Jenny Sullivan
Lucy Jane Carruthers
Ruth Osborne
Becca Osborne
Amy Gibson
Ross Gibson
Janice Pitts
Megan Donaldson
Lorna Anne
Polly Clare
Bethany Rickard
Craig Phillips
Emma Geraghty
Ashley Powell
Gaynor Mary
Lynne McCue
Karen Molloy
Lauren Crofts xx
Jacqui Wadsworth
Steph Wade
Teejay Nichols
Brogan Griffiths
Sonia Sharma
Shubhangi Gujar Amar Bhosle Sushma Sharma
Ceri Pyart
Bethan Evans
Carolyn Hall
Rodney Hall
Carol Bensley Jarvis
Hannah Bensley
Locket Pagee
Milly Jinks
Tash Carter-Coates
Vienna Rose Kirtley
Leanne Smith
Maria Batcheller
Lesa Beatty
Chloe Maye
Vicki Maxwell
Donna Watt
Helen Bell
Amber Bell
Sacha De-vilder
Dean Clark
Amelia-Jane Hearn
Katie Hearn-Timmons
Cilla Inu
Edel Leavy
Dwayne Dunne
Joy N Gav
Stacey Louise Bonsall Keegan Garland
Julie Evans
Amy Whetham Ben Snook x
Sue Feild
Zoe Fitzgerald x
Connie Ramsay
Leeanne Holmes Laura Harrison Claire Ritchie Tammy Macphee Ricie Rice
Angie Murphy
Jess Murphy Dannielle Louise Murphy x
Laura Louisa Pearch
Katy Frances Bird Nunn x
Alicia Dempsey
Tiarna Littler
TerΓ©sa Helen Hassall
Katie Evans Kyle Hassall
Claire Trayfoot
John Edwin Trayfoot 😍
Steph Smillie
Kelsey Mackay, Gaynor Mackinnon
Lynn Dixon
Gemma Louise Georgina Loizou Hollie Dixon
Julie Rowlands
Helen Keri
Karen Bayfield-Hill
Emilie Maisie Martin Abbie Bayfield-hill
Allie Downes
Tash Downes
Toni Southwell
Hannah Dewey
Sam Simcox
Chelsea Simcox Melissa Simcox
Marie Gair
Wendi Clark
Deirdre Breslin
Paul Marr
Millie Perkin
Brian Bell
Vicki Mountford
Johnathon Mountford
Jill Tucker
Katie Tucker David Todd
Vanessa Jordon
Ashlea Haas
Lorna Skull
Aidan Skull
Becky Harris
Lisa-Louise Page
Rachel Reeder
Tammy Reeder
Lizzie Baker
Nicky Smyly
Stacy Roberio
Stacey Dannielle
Louise Venning
Michael Venning
Kaylah Beckberger
Chevi Woods
Susan Crooks
Lucy Dods
Natalie Melvin
Danielle O Hara
Marie Johnston
Danielle Johnson
Ursula Rafferty
Joanne Kelly
Sarah-Louise Ashworth
Nick Coome
Keeley Louise Williams
Craig Williams
Lindsey Gregson
Aimee Hicks
Jo Ann Kingsbury
David Kingsbury
Chris Brown
Gbenga Superhands Brown Deborah Brown
Samah AliAhmad
Hayat Jaber amazing idea
Chloe Kelly
Kyle Stuart Scott
Julie Beaumont
Kathy Beaumont
Kelly Niland Groarke
LorrΓ‘ine NΓ­ AΓ­lΓ­n
Joanne Bruce
Kathryn Bruce
Alexe Orr
Nadine Orr
Jessica Perkins
Shannon Perkins
Sophie Ollerenshaw
Jack Trev Kissane
Lesley Eleanor Griffin
Lee Jones
Thomas Penzer
Tyler Jane Thomas
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