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August 23rd, 2017


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Kayleigh Priestley
I have 1 of these for my son but for mornings. Red when he should b asleep green when he can be awake but play quietly in his room until its time to get up. X
Louise Case
Maybe no set teatime bit late if family / suppertime if like mine definitely need a bath after tea as usually wear most of it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Natalia 'Talia' Mendez
They do homework, playtime, bath, food & family time in the space of 20 minutes? Ok Lol πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Lianne M Short
Jonny Gray I like this idea.. just don't like ticking clocks πŸ€”
Sam Mann
We need do one ov these for shanyce learning time playing time iPad time and bed time πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
Holly Laura
Rebekah maybe we need on of these charts instead of the other one we were talking about to stop us from being screamers!!
Philippa Breffitt
Looks great will remember this maybe for next time can't believe I'm saying that.
Christine Stoker
Katie Kilbane Hayley Slingsby what we're we talking about the other day lol
Jenna Manns
Bit late for mine shes in bed at 7 on a school nite get in at 4/4.30 lol xx
Robbie Harris
It bothers be so much that the penalty line doesnt even remotely line up with the minute hand...
Sue Lennon
Claire Parry could do something like this, adjust the times maybe? Xx
Chloe Murray
Amanda Murray u will need this when the homeworks start 🀣🀣
Jody Clarke
Aaron Clarke we need to do this idea!! Only with an hour less time! πŸ˜‚
Lisa Laidlaw
An hour for homework is excessive they have been at school all day!
Liane Langan
Naithan Lloyd you need to do this whilst I am at work haha
Hannah Shaw
Jenny Armstrong this is what you were telling me to do
Rebecca Arundale
Poor kids don't have tea πŸ˜…
Fi Tolmo
Well done Louise now Darren won't be grumpy for work and have all his jobs done. πŸ˜—
Kimberley Tarry
Surely bath time should be after 'supper' time though πŸ˜‚
Louise Knott
When do they eat ?
Joanna McNamara
Jon Porter we shud do this for our kids πŸ˜‚
Stacey Moore
Donna Marley ya hink this wuld wirk?
Mark Smith
Been doing this for a long while now it's good and it works
Paula Askew
Ben Askew we need to do this πŸ˜‰
Kayleigh Woods
Done this for my girl has worked wonders x
Katie Manson
Dave Manson we need this for Sophie
Steve Wilkinson
Good idea Amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sadie Jane Tame
Sarah Griffin this is a good idea x
Craig Woodmore
4am is a bit early to be doing home-work. ;)
Anna Mainwaring
What about their t ???
Amber Clements
So whens dinner lol???
Louise Robinson
No wonder I'm tired. Don't home till 7pm some nights πŸ‘πŸ»
Melanie Lerwill
Dinner between 7-8 ?!
Jackie Cooper
I feel family/supper time should be longer xx
Lindy Morling
Carol Bailey loving this idea x
Annette Moon
Becky Birchall
Ann Marie Dillon Parris
Where is dinner time?
Stacey Leigh Pickering
What about tea time if they doing homework at tea time
Lisa Dixon
Leanne Price you could put waking up time xx
Janie Stewart
Charles we should do this
Wendy Collins
I saw this and it made me smile Philippa Breffitt x x
Donella Small
Yes what a good idear
Gemma Owen
Pam Owen I should do this for Harry.
George Dunlop
Jen Clachrie. ..lol
Alexandra Hughes
Victoria Hopkins good idea for you
Louise Giles
Kieran Mayhew we should try this
Moussa Nathalie En Shirine
Virginie Vandevyvere super leuk idee
Liz Bradley
Donna Harrison love this idea xx
Sheana Laird
brill idea Kirsty Siobhan Laird Tracy Laird xxx
Margo Nelis
Jp Nelis good idea
Kira McCloud
James McCloud love this lol xx
Sophie Alison Butler
Harry Barnett Rowena Malaluan Holt Ready for her new bed!
Lynne Breen
Michaela Stevenson not a bad idea !!
Sarah McLaughlin
John Mclaughlin lets do this xxx
Sharon Houghton
Ooooo Emma Houghton !
Lynne Williams
Emma Abdulaal ElSayed what do you think?
Fran Hayward
Annie πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Leona Thomas
Michelle Oates lol xx
Joyce Potter
Katie Byrne and Rachael Brinkworth this looks good xxxx
Susan Lydiat
Lol Conor Breen xxxxx
Dawn Browning
Danielle Robinson πŸ‘ xxx
Heather Tyson
Rochelle Tyson?!?!?
Michele Newman
Yasmin Jacinta Thomson Carlene McLeish
Jaki Yuill
Dannielle Yuill xx
Debra Dennehy
Siobhan Anne Dennehy-Lemmon x Lisa Huetson x
Sam Horsewood
Natalie Milne
Charlene Todd
Conor Murdock
Steven Trueman
Donna Doyle
Sheree Lodge
Sophie Lodge Chelsea Jones Lodge
Paola Catanzaro
Josie Badolato
Tricia Squires
Rebecca Green
Jade Hardman
Stacey Louise
Trinika Apap Penalver
Mark Penalver
Jackie Lowes
Sarah Jane Gregory
Sarah Johns
Dazza Halflaponeeightfour Johns
Emma Catterall
Clair Marie
Steven Stewart
For Abi Stewart . Carol Stewart
Jennifer Maxwell
Heather Maxwell
Sumera Kiani
Asima Khan 😱
Tracy Gainsford
Emma Gainsford
Lauraa Emmaa
Ikkiy Altaf
Nicola Jane Law
Samantha Bennett xx
Karly Sempey
Stephen Hyndman
Nicola Quinn
Karen QuinnπŸ‘
Cheryl Beryl Arthur
Rachael ArthurArthur RabDavid Addesso-ArthurToni Addesso-Arthur
Laura Stewart
Andrene Mowbray
Becca Paws Coyne
Steven Bland
Scott Adkins
Christina Adkins
Felisha O'Garey Petterwood
Ryan Petterwood
Hana Walden Burrows
Pritchard Kightley
Lorna Croly Quinn
Alan Quinn
Chris Wood
Rebecca Wood
Linda Callard
Elle Woollin
David McMillan
Jade Clark
Sophie Miller
Lynne Miller
Alison Maher
Sonya Kopec
Katy May
Danny May
Gemma Shaddick
Ryan Shaddick
Claire Holmes
Ben Holmes
Becky Skocic
Zoe Heasman
Tracey Smith
Chris Campbell
L NΓ­ Tomhrair
SeΓ‘n O'Reilly
Toni Redgrave
Kelly Welsh
Mandy Denise Moore
Sarah Jayne Moore
Steff Louise
Karen Looker
Georgia G Pladdys
Tyler Ramplin
Samantha Donaldson-Moore
Sam Donaldson-Moore
Paije Williams
Jimmahl Williams
Gaynor Cooke
Hollie Cooke
Derek Craig
Vicky Craig
Samantha King
Ben Routledge
Heather Boyle
Joanne Helen Boyle
Michelle Stonell
Daniel Stonell
Carla Cochrane
Andrea Doris
Sabreen Kadri
Asma Chughtai
Nikki Mcfadden
Cara Kelly
Charmain Aubury
Matt Baker
Sarah Johnson
Princess Shaz 😘😘😘
Irlish Hazlett
Erin Sinclair
Nicole Moore
Kimberly Michaelsen
Alexzandra Aimee Whitehead
Steven Hollaway
Emma Louise Gorham
Alan Gorham
Amy Smith
Andrew Patrick
Claire Victoria Flanagan
Hayley Titch Talula
Stephen Tilson Tilly
Emer Moynes Tilson
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