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August 12th, 2017


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Vikki Davies
By all means breast feed your baby whenever you need to and if it has to be in public then fine. Just cover up... as a mother I respect anyone who can breastfeed for longer than the measley 2 days I did... But as a woman, I do find it uncomfortable when women just flop their baps out wherever they feel like it. Some breast feeding mum's come across like they're going for the shock factor and attention seeking by picking spots that they think are likely to cause a reaction. I don't want to see your baps either! πŸ˜‚
Looby Lou
True, but I think mums now thrive on the all the controversy that is regularly hitting media headlines. The attention they stand to gain from breast feeding in front of a packed audience is enough to make some mums almost plan to breastfeed in public. Of course hungry babies aren't happy to wait till home time, but personally if I had to feed away from the house, I'd use expressed milk in a bottle, or at least find a quiet spot away from disgruntled eyes. Sadly it's become a trend to make a stand by feeding babies anywhere in public.
Jo Humphreys
I'd like some opinions on which level of boob is more "indecent" "disrespectful".... "a woman making a show" I'll post images of myself BF and dressed for events and day to day.....
Tony Frost
i think this is more ained at the women who drive 5 minutes from home to the local mall then decide they have to feed the baby. The senarios you guys are suggesting makes sense but 5 minutes from home just doesn't
Emma Edwards
So if you're say miles from home. At the zoo maybe for the day. You should just leave the baby for the day screaming for food while your breasts fill up with milk and leak? That's one of the most unrealistic things I've read this week and yesterday I was reading comments arguing about the Earth being flat so that's saying something!
Anne-Marie Thompson
I burst into tears into sainsburys today because I couldn't find anywhere suitable to breastfeed and ended up not eating my lunch (what a waste of money)and ended up stood by the end of till at the very end of the store. I'm only 5 weeks info my bf journey and I already feel so much pressure that it's wrong to feed in public that I am now considering stopping and using bottles 😒
Trish Symes
Don't think anyone could argue with breastfeeding BUT it's the way some breastfeeding mothers make absolutely NO effort to be discreet, indeed quite the opposite, they are almost daring someone to object. Mums should consider the people around them when they feed.
Lisa Mottram
Ok men picture yourselves in this situation for a minute. So say your out for the day. It's summer, it's hot. Your thirty, you decide oo I think il have a nice cold drink and something to eat. Erm no sorry your not allowed. You have to wait till you get home, no matter what time it is. But why you say? What's wrong with me eating? Everyone does it. We all have to eat/drink I hear you say. Would you deny yourself a meal or a drink while out if your hungry or thirsty? No! would you listen if some random person you've never met tells you ' you cant do that sorry, you have to wait till you get home. ' You would think f*ck you who are you to tell me a grown adult that they can't have anything. You wouldn't deny an adult so why a baby? At least an adult understands, you can't explain to a baby 'sorry darling can't feed our here because some uneducated moron finds me feeding you offensive,all because I'm using the things on my chest for what they are designed for, rather than being some 'man's plaything.
Samantha Louise King
I seen this picture today, my response was thank you but I was going to do it anyway. As a breastfeeding mum I don't feel I should look up all the places I am 'allowed or welcomed' to breastfeed and visit them. If my son needs fed he will be fed no matter where we are. πŸ˜€
Kat Nash-Allen
Really!!!!! Women should be able to feed there babies anywhere they like with food or boob. Pisses me off when people have issues with it xx it's natural xxx
Saskia Kimberly Kaithy Derijckere
There's nothing sexual about it *sshole!! If the baby is hungry then mommy has to feed hem, don't like that, than turn your head!
Pippa Baron
Things like this always shock me; I seriously do not understand where people find the energy to give one fuck about what other people get up to when it doesn't affect them. Like, people go out of their way to be like 'I don't like that she's breastfeeding/gay/fat/wearing too much makeup' or whatever. I can barely be bothered to eat breakfast, and people have time to not only get offended but to comment on how offended they are as well. Madness.
Joanne Whittingham
Men are twats! Breastfeeding is what Women's breasts are for. Well I have an issue with men forever adjusting their their 'crown jewels' in public. F**king lay off doing that,its bloody gross to witness that! πŸ˜–
FΓ­ona Nolan
I still cannot understand how this is an issue 😱 I breastfed both my children and did it everywhere... discreetly no-one would even know unless they were trying to see something...thats what breasts are for every female of every species has them to feed their babies...how do people think the human race survived before formula was concocted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lee Fleming
I'd say this is kind of a generalisation that men object to women breastfeeding in public. I'm sure there are just as many women that object.
Cindy Jennings
No what let the baby starve. Sorry my daughter breastfeed her little. Sorry but what did the have when they we're born breast or bottle. This is getting out of control grow up
Kelly Morton
I'm going to be having my baby in the coming weeks ahead and if my baby is hungry I'm not going to worry what other ignorant people think I'm just going to feed my baby wherever I am I don't say anything when smokers are smoking right outside a shop door it's not my business if someone comes up to me and tells me to stop they will be told to F### right Off I'm feeding my baby 😑
Jen Louise Gammon
Being a male is not an excuse for such an uneducated, ridiculous statement lol and don't even believe this group should of asked the question 'what's your thoughts about breastfeeding in public?' If a mummy can bottle feed in public... a mummy can breastfeed! It's that simple
Samantha Adams
Probably wouldn't mind if it was a breast half hanging out of a translucent bikini, it's funny when it becomes offensive when there is a baby on the end of it.
Debbie Poppea
Personally I don't think I'd feel comfortable in public but that's my choice, I'm not bothered if others choose to feed in public. To be honest, most are so discreet you don't even know anyway! I'm not a big fan of mum's who get it all out and make a big show of it but again that's just my opinion, they can still do it if they want!
Kirsty Tyler-aaron Walker
I don't get what peoples deal is with breastfeeding it's what women have done for decades it's not hurting anyone so what's it got to do with anyone else xx I never breastfeed my kids and it certainly would never bother me when out and about if someone was doing it it's there choice leave them to it if you don't like don't look xx
Annmarie McKenna
Breasts produce milk for our children. Breasts are for the soul purpose of feeding our children. Women don't like seeing men walking down the street with their hands down their trousers "keeping their hands warm" can you not wear gloves? If you don't like that women breastfeed, you're an ignorant cunt. Why do you eat when you're out, why not wait till you go home? Babies FEED from the breast, we're expected to starve our child cause some cunt can't see past the fact that breasts are not for men but for children? 😐 Maybe you should stay home? Knobhead πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ˜
Sheena Marie Uddin
Omg this is everything that is wrong with the world......right here this post😑😑😑 what the [email protected] is wrong with doing what is the MOST NATURAL thing in the world!!!!!! As for laura Michell Skeldon ARE Your U FOR REAL!!!! You have clearly never had a fussy not always great at latching baby.....would you sit with a blanket over your head while you eat????? NO YOU WOULDNT!! SOME babies aren't comfortable with feeding under a cover mine included!! So instead of judging how about you take a second thought for those mums who are feeding without a cover....#JudgementalDumbass
Susan Brandum
what's more offensive? discreet breast feeding? or a screaming baby and a woman walking around like she's in a wet t shirt competition? cos them breast pads can only take so much! and lets not upset the poor little man with talk of mastitis and laundry... OR should women just not leave the house during the breast feeding stage...but then hubby wouldn't have his tea on the table when he walks in from work because she hadn't been shopping, ORRRR maybe she should time her outings between feeds so as not to offend PEOPLE or turn all the men into raving sex maniacs at the sight of the edge of a busom. REALLY?!? someone REALLY thinks like this??? orrr its clickbait and I have just been royally wound up by a troll, reel me in...😣
Hilary Charlton
Don't understand why breast feeding is such a big deal you don't tell a horse or cow to cover up and stop feeding their young, get a grip people, that is what breasts were made for feeding our young its natural and its what baby needs when its hungry not when mom can get home
Deann Wain
I was sitting Nando's once my partner look over and see a mummy breastfeeding her baby looked at me and really it's a restaurant I gave him the filthiest look! I said that baby needs her dinner as much as you do she's hungry just like you why is it disgusting it's what boobs are for I said don't go there because I'm all for breastfeeding πŸ™ˆ
Katy Dauncey
What a weird question?!? Why is this even given the time of day? Make a baby wait for their food for hours for no reason?? Why??
Laurie Rayment
Who is this clown. What is wrong with people. Unless you're staring at the women breastfeeding you will not see anything. If you are that bad that you feel it is to much seeing that you had best stay away from any beach or pool during summer
Stewart Hughes
As a guy I couldn't care less. Yes a boob is both a feeding organ for a baby and a sexual organ too. But if a baby is feeding then you are a freak to care or get uncomfortable about it.
Samantha Davis
Wow what a pathetic moronic comment, if I had to go home every time I fed my son I would never of got out of the house, I demand fed and fed him whenever he wanted feeding on a bus in the street in restaurants. A baby is hungry when a baby is hungry. For a modern tolerant society we are still very backward in feelings about something so natural. Not sure u would like to eat with a blanket over ur head, so why would u expect a baby to. It's the most natural maternal thing in the world it should not even be questioned or warrant explanation.
Jemma Louise Grimshaw
I honestly dont understand what the problem is. Most of the boob is covered by the babies head anyway. Theres more on show when women wear a bikini. I couldnt breast feed any of mine but comments like this and other comments on this thread 'oh just cover up, i dont want to see it' are why women feel ashamed to do the most natural thing in the world. Get on with your own life and leave people alone. If they want to feed in public, let them. If they CHOOSE to cover up themselves thats fine but they shouldnt be shamed into it 😑
Samantha Crowne-spencer
No ! If their baby is screaming because they're hungry they want & need to feed them . Would this question be asked about bottle feeding? We shouldn't be having this discussion, breast feeding is completely natural, if a woman chooses it then she should be able to feed when her baby is hungry x
Lauren Flo
Haha so is the writer of this going to wait to eat and drink until they get home?! No I doubt it!! And if us mums did I'm sure the same type of people would then moan about the screaming baby whilst they're enjoying their refreshments!!
Sylvia Wilson
This weirdo probably got what he wanted a reaction from all of you. Anyone with a brain would know a child has to be fed when it's hungry
Linda Higgins
When it comes down to it we are mammals and they feed their babies nobody says anything about a dog or cat or any other feeding their young it's always aww isn't that lovely. I personally didn't breastfeed but that wasn't through choice leave mums who do alone and let them feed their babies wherever they want.
Sarah Gingell
I used to breastfeed mine while we were out. Find a quiet corner in a coffee shop or somewhere and was discrete. I didn't want people looking at me any more than they didn't want to see what I was doing.
Helen Wheaton
Nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. If the baby is hungry no matter where you are then they must be feed. It can be done descreatley, no problem. If people don't like it then don't look, easy as that!!
Emma Jane
It's a natural thing people go to farms and zoo's and see baby animals doing it. Should they locked themselves in toilets or away from the public to feed their child. Is it not more neglectful to make your child scream with hunger while you get into your car and drive home????? This boils my blood fed freely mammies πŸ’–
Gemma Balch
Dunno what the big issue is with feeding our babies when they are hungry, it's natural n completely normal women hv been doing it since time began n it can be done discreetly!!!! I agree if you find it offensive or wrong then look away n get on with your life, simple πŸ‘.
SiΓΆbhan WilsΓΆΓ±
What about blokes peeing in public cant they wait till they get home?? I never breastfed as it doesnt appeal to me but you try telling a hungry baby to wait to get home, cleary this male has no idea on babies.
Charlotte Proudlock
Seriously basically just asking to neglect a baby there like does it matter if the baby is bottle or breast fed end of the day the mother is meeting her child's needs so that's the main thing and people need to grow up and stop paying attention to how the baby is fed n more on the baby needs are being met xx
Elizabeth Yeomans
Most natural thing in the world, breastfeeding. Fed all mine till 10 months even in public, a shawl or similar draped will ensure the "appalling" breasts cannot be easily seen. Get real!!
Naomi Burton
I did it with both of mine, had one woman approach me and she actually congratulated me for feeding in public without a blanket over the baby, had to agree that the the blankets/covers/muslin actually draw more attention.
Sally Stephens
I feed when she is hungry where ever that may be. If someone doesnt like it, dont look or move on. My lo is 10.5 months now and so far no one has commented or had a problem.
Berni Turnbull
Lol. Let's just let the kids starve and scream till they are blue in the face shall we.. Fucking morons. Here's a trick for all the morons who are offended by a baby eating... don't like it, don't look. Simple.
Sarah Jeffrey
Babies need fed when they are hungry/thirsty same as everyone else. Some babies won't take a bottle and why should you have to express, which a lot of people struggle to do, then have to stop and heat the bottle etc when the milk is instantly available at the right temp just to avoid upsetting people by doing something completely natural. If it wasn't for breastfeeding none of us would even be here. What do people think happened before formula and bottles were invented? I doubt the people complaining only ever eat and drink in their own homes
Katie Smith
Baby cant wait if baby is hungry. Breasts are for feeding baby. Every single species of mammal suckles its young. Humans are mammals. If people dont like to see it then avert your eyes. Mum doesnt get her breast out for you to look at. Shes feeding her young. Like all animals do. I missed out because i couldnt breast feed. So i had to bottle feed with formula. If you see someone breastfeeding in a public place .. and you dislike it .. do what i do. Walk on by and suck it up buttercup !! Live and let live. Seeing somebody feeding their baby is much nicer than witnessing someone being attacked or something. Go worry about more important things that actually affect you
Danielle Huckwell
Breast fed my son and daughter even fed them together for a little while after breast feeding all through my pregnancy so the answer is no a child can't wait same as now my toddler when he asks for lunch I will get him lunch straight away not say sorry I know your hungry but you can't eat until we are home lol ! Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and end of the day I'm not saying women should have it all hanging out for the world to see but they should be able to feed their baby when ever and where ever their baby needs food ! I used to feed walking through town I wouldn't get a chance to sit down I'd carry my child latched on with a muslin square covering my breast not the child's face but after a little while my child started to pull the square off so what was I ganna do stop feeding no I carried on I tried to cover best I can because the thought of my breast hanging out for the world to see isn't one that I'd like to think about but it Happens sometime at home I wouldn't even care mate I'd have it all out haha ! Comfortable and easier to feed that way but while I was out I'd try but end of the day it comes down to my child being hungry and if people can walk past Ann summers okay they can walk past a breast feeding mumma okay even if you can see her totally natural boobies xxx
Corrine 'mummy' Buckley
It's a natural thing! Breast feeding in public helps with youngsters seeing that boobs aren't just a sexual thing they are used for one of the most natural thing a mother could do! I will be breast feeding my daughter when she is here in October so all I will do is put a thin blanket over me while I do it! But that's only because I want to keep myself covered not because I'm ebarassed to do it! X
Tracy Lawson
I'd like to see any mom, dad, or whoever is looking after baby at the time, to make the child wait till they go home to feed them. If a child is hungry then a mother has every right to feed wherever she is. It's narrow-minded men that have sexualized the breast into something other than what it was intended for.
Clare Morrison
Ok guy when you go out and need to the toilet. Hold it in. And wait till you get home! Now that feeling of needing to go gets stronger and stronger your uncomfortable .....that feeling represents a baby needing fed you gotta go you gotta go you have no control over it! Just like a baby's gotta eat. Nothing wrong breastfeeding in public. Don't like don't look!!
Ashlie-Louise Pearson
Sure a mum can wait ... like a bloke can wait til he gets home to scoff that greasy kebab after a few beers ... oh wait, you cant wait, your hungry? Now you know how baby feels and why mum WONT wait to get home ... grow up! Breastfeeding is completely natural and what boobs were designed for ... not as a means for mans pleasure!
Suzanne Cronin
If your hungry, do you go into a shop and buy something to eat - of course you do and you also eat whilst going about your business. Why should it be any different for a baby? Everyone needs to eat at some point!
Terrie Barrett
I have to wonder sometimes at the intelligence of some people or rather the lack of it . Breastfeeding feeding is the natural way to feed any baby , any mother should be supported no matter which way they choose to feed . How the heck to these idiots think baby's got fed before formula was invented
Elizabeth Hodge
Well I know that my baby was such a hungry baby. Either way you would get stared at for letting your baby scream, or to give him some milk. I only breast fed for 3 weeks, I admire the people that do breast fed, it's natural at the end of the day. Like I said you get stared at either way πŸ˜„ xxx
Teresa Glanville
Stupid post.... mums need to feed their baby when baby is hungry.. babies can't wait till mum gets home just to please narrow minded ignorant people!!!
AngΓ©lique Gimenez
No they can't you stupid bag of testosterone!! so You would rather leave your baby starve and scream just so You don't get turned on by something as natural as breastfeeding??? get a life!!
Lauren Dawn Watts
Would an adult go all say or even a few hours without drinking or eating. My 4 year old cant go half hour without saying he's thirsty or hungry. When a baby is hungry or thirty and whether they are breast fed or bottle fed they need feeding. End of.
Mia Mckay
Translate that to "can't moms wait to feed their hungry child until they are back home?" The answer is NO. If you can eat when and where ever you are hungry...so can the babies.
Sophie Mancey
Haha the fact this says I'm a guy my partner always told me to feed our kids when we was out and it was me who was too frightened too !! This post was only make to make people angry and to comment gonna have to delete this page had enough of it all the time x
Karen Jukes
No mums can't wait. Babies need feeding when they're hungry. They don't know that people are complaining. Only that their stomachs are empty.
Sally Bayley
so wot the guys saying is tht when the child is hungry no matter how long it takes to return home its not important to feed wow lets starve the guys for a while to show em how much damage that cld do to the baby
Tabby J Hudson
Yea sure, let the baby scream with hunger whilst your milk lets down in response and everything starts to leak. Awesome idea. Moron.
Amanda Jayne Fuller
What would he rather a woman discreetly feeding a hungry baby or a baby screaming coz it's hungry. What a ridiculous thing to say , obviously not a father
Les Marshall
Yea they'll just ask their hungry baby to hold in, wonder why they've never thought of that before??
Sarah Clarke
Of course, women should stay at home for at least the first year after giving birth to nurse their child !!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What a t**t, quite frankly!
Liz Gardiner
That's how you feed a baby! You don't have to flash your tits to the world, but when your baby wants feeding wherever you are do it πŸ˜†
Vicki Stacey
Do men wait to have a meal/drink until they get home? This is ridiculous. Babies don't understnd the concept of waiting, and shouldn't have to.
Khadija Dija Sahib
Moms can breastfeed anytime anywhere their babies whenever they need to. If you can wait to have your sandwich or your drink when you're hungry and thirsty until you get home, then they can too.
Nicola Jayne Parsons
Not with a new born baby, they wanna feed ALOT and will only cry if they can't. I'd rather the baby was fed than crying. It's not like women completely strip off to do it.
Kerry Smith
What so a baby has had to scream & starve to please others NO women are doing the most natural thing they can as Mothers feeding their children
Stacey Anne Isherwood
Im sure mums would love to wait until they get home but when your baby needs feeding you feed it regardless if breast or bottle and regardless if your out or at home!
Gloria Walters
Yes idiot do you wait till you get home to be fucking fed ass babies can't wait they need feeding when they are Hungary you are a first class twat
Bec Delaney
You wait until you get home until you eat/drink! How about backwards idiots that find public breastfeeding offensive just look away!?
Kimberley Tarry
Well maybe the guy who wrote this should just eat at home and never outside of the house. See how hungry he is by the time he gets home
Samantha Lloyd
When the babies hungry they're hungry. It's natural plus most moms have a blanket they use just so baby can get some privacy eating their lunch that's what I did with my 2
Lara Williams
Feeding your baby regardless if it's bottle or breasts or pump via tube like my son. If your child needs feeding and can't wait then your goina feed them!!
Kelly Elizabeth Pooler-morgan
I fed my kids wherever i was when they needed feeding, my daughter breatfeeds her baby wherever she is when she needs feeding, id love someone to tell her to wait til she gets home to feed her baby! Fools!!!
Steph Carroll-Gedge
Oh yeah let's just deprive our babies of food and drink for hours for however long you need to be out for! What an idiot who wrote this!! 😠
Angie Butler
I did it with mine, accidentally walked into some filming at an historic sight. Kept little one happy and was complimented. This is a stupid comment!
Natalie McFaden
What a ridiculous post do you wait to eat no so why should a baby who doesn't know anything other than they really hungry.
Karren Jane Ibbotson
Seriously people should get a grip your don't mind watching porn or buying the latest playboy mag but men are are uncomfortable with a baby been fed dear dear
Samantha Dunster
Its the babies feeding time they cant wait for it its a natural thing to do if you dont like it look away or stay at home. sounds like hes never seen boobs before x
Lisa Monk
Yes mums could wait till they get home to breastfeed but they'd have a screaming baby for every minute the poor little thing had to wait!!
Laura Michelle Skeldon
I am a woman and a mom I dont see no reason why babies cant wait 5 minutes to eat, why does it have to be right there and right then and then say its because the baby is hungry when its not you wait to find a place you find deem-able. Why is it so hard so cover your boobs while breast feeding? stop using your kids as excuses ... I was walking through town the other day and a woman was sat on a bench in the middle of town breast feeding her baby , friends around her talking to her is well. She managed to still keep her breast covered while feeding her baby and that baby was none the wiser to anything else, just happy to be being fed - she didnt demand rooms and to sit in cafes etc. she simply just wanted to properly feed her baby - nothing wrong at all there , not demanding the world, she was simply just a mother. So why do you lot find it so difficult to be mothers?
Charlotte Barrow
Eugh, I hate it when pages post things like this. You know full well it never ends in a civilised debate but a mob of scary mombies.
Shona Perks
What would he prefer: Sitting at a table next to a crying hungry baby the whole time, or have a mum quietly feeding their baby? Hmm...
Cathy Gardiner
I'd feed my baby if it needed feeding , people can look away , but its nature ,these people who critisise are weird ! Live and let live ... !
Candise Marie
Feed babies when they want feeding, wherever you are! I never had negative comments when feeding my children out and about.
Laurieann Mcdonald
"Wait to breast feed til they get home" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if only we could without starving our child... yeah good one πŸ™„πŸ‘
Kelly Savidge
Your baby is hungry, you feed them whenever, wherever, however......simple.
Alice Woodman
well as a guy cant u not wait till you get to the privacy of your own home before you stand and scratch your balls ....................................................
Ron N'Julie Jeppson Harward
You are a guy...therefore yes, you are missing something!
Felicity Guest
Bet you don't mind looking at underdressed lady's in revealing clothes or swimwear
Emmie Rayner
Yes, you're missing something. I think it's called a brain... fancy new thing not many people have it, don't feel bad
Jenny Leigh Thomas
More breast is on show on a Saturday night out, men don't seem to have a problem with that!! 😏
Natalie Archibald
Makes me laugh, in this day and age, people still think, this kind of question is acceptable πŸ™ˆ
Carol Wright
What's the problem Happy to see tits on a beach If the baby needs feeding it needs feeding Stop moaning If you don't like it move on don't look
Rachel Jones
What? And let the baby scream the whole time there out?! Yeah good one idiot πŸ˜‘πŸ™„
Rebecca Wright
Can't men wait to scratch their balls until they get home!
Amber Jade Dinsdale
My reply to anyone who tells me to wait .... fuck off .... there going to be rude to me and my child I will be rude to them!
Mel Harper
I dont see so many men objecting to watching a man or woman suckling on a breast! So why a baby?!
Becky Sutton
I feed where ever and when ever. I used to go out in my younger days showing more boob!!
Audrey Kirk
Nothing wrong in it ! Would you wait until you got home for food or Drink ?
Louise Collins
It's just some cock.... waiting for a response... don't entertain him girls!! Xx
Emma Forber-Roberts
Erm which would rather a screaming hungry baby or seeing a mum breastfeed discreetly?
Donna McAllister
Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, no woman should feel ashamed for feeding their wean in public.
Debbie West
If a baby needs feeding then feed them. It's the most natural thing in the world xx
Caroline Kennedy
I would much rather see a mother breastfeeding her child in public, than listen to a screaming hungry child in public.
Smiler Cuk
Get ta boob out anytime. If baby hungry. Baby hungry. Jeesh. Prudish people. It's as natural as breathing.
Michelle Elizabeth White
What a complete div if a baby needs feeding you feed him/her they aint like adults that can wait how would you like to be starved 😑😑😑
Daniella Ashe
A restaurant πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Emma Louise Young
you could scratch your balls in private but you don't!!! 😑😑
Laurrie Richardson
I can't undersatand why you need to eat your lunch either eat it when you get home πŸ™„
Chris Jones
Does your kid need feeding? If yes, do it. 100% natural.
Lindsay Beavon
Wherever. Whenever. It's the most natural thing in the world. If anyone has a problem with it, it's their problem!
Marjorie May
Let me ask you this.. I don't have a penis but imagine you're busting to pee.. can You wait till you get home to pee?
Margaret Potter
If baby is hungry they will scream till they are fed just feed them as long as you done expose yourself completely
Timand Stella Jonas
Yes we absolutely can wait........ our babies on the other hand πŸ™„ πŸ‘±πŸ»πŸ”«
Clair Bailey
I fed all 3 of mine & if I was out & they needed feeding I'd feed them.
Sahar Daneshvar Adjei
No sorry they cant waite as wen baby want food u cant telk them waite they will scream.if u git problem wiw wat u c look the fuking other way
Linda Kilduff
You have to feed your baby when they are hungry if you don't like it don't look.
Jasmin Rowe
If you're hungry then you go get food and eat it in public so why can't a baby get their food the same as you??
Kirsty Dickson
If you go on a long journey without taking food with you, would you wait till you get home to eat or would you eat out?? Bit of a no brainer really!!
Zsaneth Taborszky
mums can o obviously but kiddies cant... if you dont like it dont look at it... end of story..
Melanie Wright
I breast fed my son in public but always made sure I was reasonably covered!
Michelle Closier Atherton
Dear guy, would you make your baby starve till you got home?
Lynn Brannan
Seriously ppl are twats it's natural thing what is wrong with the bloody world honestly
Rachel Elizabeth Harrison
A lot of people here are attacking this person, who maybe just needs educating. Pull it back a notch ladies.
Sarah Okororie
If a baby needs feeding then feed the baby seeing someone breastfeeding doesnt bother me
Stephanie Ellen Phillips
you do have to feed when they want it but you dont have to expose any flesh to do so
Sarah Beechey
Hilarious, typical bloke quote! Wait until he's a dad then it will all change! πŸ˜‚
Hayley Bale
My god why should mums feed at home if baby is hungry u feed it end of
September John
Hahaha, yet he's probably the type of guy that doesn't like screaming babies.
Jules Patterson
How annoying. It's not the mother would wait it's the baby - get a grip 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Anneli Norm Norman
Do they wait till they get home if their hungry or pop to Greggs for a pasty??
Debbie Soames
maybe baby wont wait till mum gets home some babies scream the house down when want feeding give your head a wobble for gods sake !!!
Donna Rogan
I fed all mine in public but didn't feel the need to make a show about it some do and you all know it's true
Shelley Harrod
Seriously???? Sorry leave the child hungry because you don't want to feel uncomfortable.....!!! Yep you go hungry mate see how you feel.....
Jo Bridger-dymond
Mum probably could wait but baby wont, one of the most beautiful sights ever
Ashling Mc Closkey
I breastfeed whereever iam if my baby needs fed and i dont get why people are offended its only boobs get over it ?
Kate J Robinson
Haha do you wait till you get home to be fed? No you eat when your body tells you so why should a little baby have to wait xx
Kim B Gilmore
I fed all mine in public no worries they are 38 35 and 33 years old now !
Sue Mills
No but this is getting boring now 5 minutes of fame that's all it is
Christine Donnelly
It's not the mums it's the babies that can't wait to be fed. When they need it, they need it, wherever you are!
Debra Hickman
Isn't there a term food on the go!! Would you wait till you got home if you were extremely thirsty?
Janet Green
You are missing the point, the point is baby is HUNGRY!
Dan Von G
Now, I'm not a fancy lawyer but I know green beans are the dogs balls
Christina Hill
So do these people just wait to go home to get fed or do they eat out at takeaways
Kerry Jones
I breast fed both mine and when they needed feeding they needed feeding regardless where I was. It's the most natural thing in the world.
Cassie Lyon
That its a legal right so what people think or are "missing" doesnt really matter
Fay Tuttlebury
Like others above have said if your baby needs feeding then feed them. I have no problem with it.
Yvonne Turner
Stupid so if your out all day baby has to go hungry to please likes of you
Peter Barratt
How would you like to wait for your food? Some people, unbelievable
Louisa Newbon
Why shud a baby av to wait , if its cryin too much ud moan about that too , so mums carnt win
Laura Wisdom
Yeah I'll just let my baby scream for food until I get home. God for bid you would get your boob out to feed your baby
Dominique Edwards
Are actually serious right now? Shall we just let our babies starve till we get home as well then? What an ass
Elizabeth Bunn
A mum is aloud to breastfeed a baby πŸ‘Ά any where she wants
Nicky Leech
Dee Bee
What a ridiculous statement when a baby needs fed then baby will b fed
Linda Nicholson
Stupid stupid men !!!!!!
Taylor Picklepants
You're not a guy you're an idiot!
Dayna-Maree Calder
Yes because that's only where a baby gets hungry πŸ™„
Tracey Stewart
Yes mams can wait all day babies can't however
Suzanna Heath
Baby's hungry when baby's hungry!
Lucy Walker
Hungry babies dont wait im afraid !!
Laura Dalton
😑😑😑 stupid comment
Melanie Rowe
Babies cant wait ! How ignorant
Katrina Gee
Just doing this for a response off people
Susan Christine Rule
Who ever posted or said this needs a punch😑
Jen Saunders
The answer would be NO!! Why should we have to??
Emma-Leigh Robinson
dumb post!
Anne Loader
What a TWAT!
Nikkie Burns
Yes you are missing something ... a brain.
Kelly Tong
And that's why your a guy! 😏
Geena Lias
I say: if the baby needs feeding, feed it!!!!
Caroline Ramsay
Sexist remark ..., please wait till your home to eat your Cornish pasty
Becky Darnell
What a bellend comment!
Natalie Browne
Only a person that has no kids would ever say that comment. πŸ™„πŸ™ƒ
Stacey Bellingham
The baby hungry so no she can't!!
Rosana Dirkin
If she could she would, stupid comment arsewhole
Shaista Noreen
Mom's can wait babies cant
Moggy Rivers
No she can't. Dumbarse 😩
Mandy Woskett
Emma Anne
What a silly comment πŸ™„
Laura Thomas
I've seen more breast in a newspaper! Get a grip
Adabelle Madyiwa
Some men are twats enough said
SiΓ’n Williams
This is a joke comment surely πŸ˜‚
Soozie Treece
Will the baby wait that long? No!
Stacey Moon
So I suppose he would wait till he got him if he was hungry ?
Nicci Orpin Sime
Not with a screaming baby no
Skye Hinton
What an idiot. Not worth the energy
Andrea Pratt
When a baby is hungry they cannot wait.xxπŸ‘
Julie Elkington
Not if the baby is hungry .
Kerry Smith
Hahaha how funny is that!
Karen Staves
Edjit. This cant be a real person posting this
Angela Smith
If the baby wants feeding feed it
Meg Drew
Idiots if a baby is hungry you feed it.
Sammie Walsh
Alison Hilton
Clearly not a parent ! πŸ˜–
Peggy B. Thomas
That's a big NO!
Rebecca Lappin
Yes obviously never had kids!!
Wendy Woods
You are joking you aresehole ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Clare Powell
Mum's can wait babies can't u tit
Nick Drew
Lynne Hawkeswood
Here here Claire xx
Paula Wright Darby
No ! X
Jade Guy
Charlotte Julia Lindsay Cassie 😳😳😳
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