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November 25th, 2017


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Louise M Curley
Totally disagree! Post like this piss me off I'm a working mum, I drop my child at breakfast club at 8am and work until 4.30 she's in either after school club or at a friends, I still have to do the same stuff as stay at home mums but just after working a full day so no sorry stay at home mum isn't a job it's a luxury
Danielle Young
Some people can't afford the childcare costs and it takes their whole wages just for childcare so they might aswell be at home with their children. Stay at home mums are far from lazy.
Claireabella Jennings
There's no excuses for parents who's kids are at fulltime school! My partners ex who he has kids with are all at school and still sits on her arse and does nothing! Her idea of work is finding the next baby daddy to give her another baby so she doesn't have to work! Don't get me wrong I did stay at home at one time but I went to college to better myself and worked voluntry in a play group to get experience..... No excuses at all!
Ani Howson
I am a working mum and don't use childcare as I'm lucky me and my husband can work around each other so I don't have to pay for childcare. My best friend is a stay at home mum of three beautiful children. Not one of us would look at each other and judge another. My friend is a very busy mummy and I don't think for a second she is "less or more" of a mummy because I work and she doesn't. X x x
Jenni Letheren
Because people need to earn a living. Being a stay at home mum is a vocation because you don't get paid for it. And going out to work and paying for childcare doesn't make you any less of a parent than someone who stays home.
Nicola Cowdray
Full time mummy in day as soon as partner comes home I'm out to work till midnight then home in time for milky and hugs until the next day.I chose to sack of my career so I can look after my children then chose a job that my children can come first.My children go to bed and I go to work.What ever any mother or father does is up to them.You do what you think is best xxx
Angele King
It annoys me because it seems that because i work im not a full time mum. Im a full time mum and a full time nurse. I go out to work to set an example for my daughter. I didnt go back into work until she was at nursery so i could be with her the first few years of her life and i dont think there is anything wrong with that but when the kids are at school there really is no need to be a stay at home parent
Ann Caines
I don't feel that mums should be made to feel bad for wanting to be a stay at home mum. They sacrifice in other ways
Kathy Simpson
Jennie Sutcliffe
Danii May xx
Nicky Matjas
Vicky Lefebvre
Louise Knox
Leigh Smith
Natalina Allen
Hebe Alice Hayward
Kelly Duffy
Why does it have to be about which is harder? You know what gets my goat is everywhere you look now a days everyone in everybody's business like wtf stop worrying what Mary has and what you haven't how she has it and you haven't as OUR government ARE the ones killing/selling us down the river NOT MARY. Government's biggest win is turning it's own people against each other all the while they bleeding EVERYONE dry.
Toni Harris
The definition of a job is "a paid position of regular employment" ..... I have been a full time mum for 7 years. Both my daughters are at school now so I have started doing a bit of part time work which is flexible to allow me to work around school and school holidays etc. I've not lived off benefits and my husband has provided for me and our family. But being a full time mum isn't in my opinion a job, I think it is a luxury to be in the position to be a full time mummy. Yes it is hard work, its exhausting and relentless at times and can be lonely and it can drive you crazy having little adult conversation. But I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I feel truly blessed to have been able to be stay at home with my kids every single day. It wasn't always easy but it was a choice that my husband and I made together, as my wages would have only just covered childcare. And I will always be grateful for his hard work which gave me the privilege of being a stay at home mum.
Mary Bennett
Let's face it all of us would stay at home with our kids if we could fact but to have holidays nice things we work for them and Instill a good work ethic and good morals my mam dad both worked with 8 kids
Ashley Grubb
Wether it be ure a working mum or a stay at home mum.. both equally as hard and doing the best that we can.. πŸ‘
Tracy Anne Hanson
I would of loved to stay at home with my children , and i feel guilty that i missed out , unfortunately some of us dont have an option ! I have to work , how else is thΓ© morgage and bills being payed ? No government handouts for me ! Worked to death and still skint :/ .
Caroline Addinall
It's not a job tho and you pay someone else as they are not their kids especially when your kids are all now at school why shouldn't they go get a job
Fiona Selby
Can I just point out not all stay at home mums receive a penny in benefits. Some do it cause they can
Samantha Jay
I've done both and I believe all mum's irrespective of job status, are wonderful πŸ–’. Have a great day!❀
Emma Burge
Why are dads never called full time working daddies?
Catie Ann
Because they are your kids 🀣🀣🀣
Bernadette Mullen
Victoria Barker
Riles me!!! 😠
Julie Brown
If your lucky enough to have a good family that can pick your kids up and look after them for you whilst you work but otherwise childcare isnt cheap if i had to pay for my kids childcare it wouldnt be worth me working so in some ways i can see peoples point but you cant tar everyone with the same brush
Rachael Dransfield
Being a stay at home mum is a job, it's really hard but so worth it xxxx I love it xxx
Shelly Welly Lelly Stirling
Keeley Hudson
Roxanne Daoud
Rachel Bailey
Leigh-Anne Handforth
Grant Handforth
Janet Grover
Jenna Smith
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