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November 4th, 2017


Fan Comments

Shelley Feschuk
Make sure there is a lock on the door and soundproof walls, a bottle of wine wouldn't hurt either 🍹🍹🍹
Ashleigh Byrne
Stacey Barr this wud be perfect along with some wine lol
Barbara G Graham
That would be me and my Lucy ,well happy days XXX
Bev Ball
Samantha Lewis I would love this although my three would all be in there too reading the booksπŸ™ˆ
Frances Robertshaw-Thompson
Stacy Louise Murphy i know ur not a mummy but thought of u when i saw this lol :-) deffo ur happy place xx
Joanne Powell
Definitely one of them. I rediscovered tonight that the swimming pool is the other
Maria Sargent
Saw this Anna Holmes And thought of you :) x
Margaret Rickard
If only you had the time😘
Chris Wood
You would never see me again if I was let loose on all these books.
Karen Paine
Oh how I'd love a few uninterrupted peaceful hours in here to escape in make believe!
Teresa Penfold
Made me think of u Ally Dallas.. T.x
Soneka Akash
Sarah Asad Saeed reminded me of you and your little library πŸ˜‚
Bianca Rexhep
Louise Moran... this one if for you πŸ˜‰
Amanda Keeling
Barbara Hanner Blackwell mine would be a wine cellar. Lol. X
Angela Probert
Johanna Halliday how amazing would this be
Sarah Sadagos
Mine and Joe's idea of heaven πŸ“–πŸ“– Kurt Sadagos
Amy Gower
Jo Roylance thought of you 😊
Jenny Smith
😍 I could actually live out my days in this room x
Nadine Summers
Gemma Toms cx
Hilary James
Looks wonderful! X
Anna Holmes
Maria Sargent you know me so well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxx
Eddie Davies
Kath would love this !
Lauraine McChristie
Hell yes x
Beverley Nielson
Anita's happy place 😍
Lyndsey Dix
So me!!!!
Stijn De Raes
Ella found your secret room. πŸ˜‚
Sally Lovett
Yep and me! X
Katherine Hopping
Robert Hopping.. your happy place..!! X
Kelly A Worwood
Nina Sullivan ur happy place ? Lol x
Tracy Rowbotham
Jenny Smith your ideal home 🏑 x
Andrea Roblin-Francis
Hannah Jayne Louise Brimson you need to get prepared πŸ™ƒ xx
Kat Smith
Savannah La'Thangue want to join me xx
Sarah Bentham
Carole Hooper this is me πŸ€£πŸ’—
Rachael Clarke
Mia Jade Clarke you would love this x
Jackie Bradley
Jade Bradley happy place x
Lisa Reeves-cathrall
Ruthy Lavin for you ❀
Alex Edwards
Ross Williams omg yes!!
Liesbeth Reyns
Saskia De Jonckheere, pure ontspanning! πŸ˜‰
Kelly Fry
Ria Jackson, Lesly Bagley ❀️
Tracey Patrick
Wanda Blair xx
Angie Banks
Jonathan Banks xx
Sophia Peppa
Dimi Peppas hahaha
Natalie Jane Adams
Donna Adams xxxx
Marie Derrick
Charlie Mackenzie xxx
Chris Elliott
Lauren Robins 😘
Jennifer Knight
Gillian Ramsay 😍
Diane Johnson
Lauren Elizabeth x
Lauren Paterson Dunn
Lisa Bradbury!! x
Lisa Atkinson
Pamela Rhodes. ❀️
Amanda Donohoe
Tracy Lawrence
Susan Elizabeth Simpson
Clarissa Riley Simpson
Jodie Brown
Tara Jane
Lisa Rotchell
Abi Orme
Kimberly Lynne Tucker-Clemens
Lisa Tucker-Clemens
Lisa D'Rozario
Sean D'Rozario
Pippa Thomas
Amanda Dudley 😍😍
Karen Simpson
Leanne Pearson
Shauni Thomas
Louise Taylor
Heather Grice
Jodi Huff Abner
Heidi Ann Huff
Elizabeth Miller
Hilary James
Sarah Kerr
Kathryn KB
Sue Sexton
Shelley Quelch
Cheryl Felton
Buffy N Dave Cullen ❀️
Claire Howarth
Marie Howarth
Hanna Warring-Patterson
Jasmine Clarke
Annmarie Stokes
Claressa Stokes
Angie Woods
Mine Brendan Woods-White Tsutey Woods-White John White
Ebony Bowman
Bec Bowman
Joan Donlon
Ann Parkes
Shirley Ann Cooke
Bonnie Balogh Rosado
Amber-Louise Leader
Lesley Leader
Cerys Parry
Heulwen Morris-haywood
Angela Johnson
Emma Duffy
Fransiska Marissa
Dyana Somawijaya
Chloe Louise Garth
Sally Garth
Shane Nic Woodcock
Jess Enston
Ally Buckland Hyde
Marie Buckland Hyde
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