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October 1st, 2017


Fan Comments

Ruth Smith
Eve White this is similar to what I was thinking! If you see any of these things on your travels then pick them up!!
Bianca De Brandt
Yana Lanoey voor Sterre ! πŸ™‚ ze zal haar eigen wel bezighouden dan 😜
Melissa Harlow
Ste i need you to make one of these for cawley 😊 xxxxxxxxx
Aimee Counsell
Oh my god Chris Counsell can u make one for isla??
Maisie Damjanovic
Ummm this could teach your child how to Unlock things and promote them to get into dangerous situations... the would still have one for my child though
Laura Weston
Kate Russell alfie lol
Debbie Williams
Kyran Thomas nevermind a toddler we need to do this to keep curlyheed occupied πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alex Parr
Emma Matthias I know a little tinker who'd play with this I bet πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ x
Claire Rosey Bear
Dug Calow Heidi would love this
Emma Matlock
Laura Chamberlain has James Eddy gone into business πŸ˜‰
Helen Libertine Leicester
Jasmine Holland Leo needs one of theae
Samantha Cuthbert
Ben Smith Sarah Bonham tiddler would love one of theses xx
Emma Louise
Mark Pattinson Carole Ann mum you should make this for harry he would love it!! Xx
Sarah Birch
Keith Birch you could make one of these for Robyn 😁
Laura Horrell
Loren Cherry Stb Horrell perhaps Billy Horrell should make one for olly bobs to keep him occupied xx
Dianne Gillespie
Elizabeth Finnie show this to dad! He can make one for Daniel xx
Carroline Shelbourne
Paul Shelbourne you should make Tyler one of these!! 😁
Karen Hutchinson
This is the one we made for our granddaughter Sophie 😊
Gemma Littlewood
Craig Littlewood John Egan Jamie needs one of these making
Helen Sloss
Mark Fleet-chapman make one for the boy πŸ’™
Helen Pettit Ramsden
Jordan Pettit. Make Olivia one xx
Sarah Jane Halloran
Olivia Walsh perfect for her and a gate and door to go with it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Corinne Higgott
Dave Andrews Billie-jo needs one of these might keep her busy for abit xx
Inge Vd Steen
De va laten knutselen voor Zayn en Charlie Mike DP Jesse DP GaΓ«lle SU
Rachel Hastings
Shai-ane Winstanley Edward Reed you should make this for own to tinker with
Jay Ne
Robert Dunn can you knock something up like this please? X
Jade Evans
Paul Evans another job to ad to ure list. Lenny and I'm sure the boys will love this :) xxx
Tracy Giraffe Cox
Alexa...!! Get Dean to make this for Jack!! That'll keep him busy!! Lol xx
Mandy Hall
Gary hall. Ull have to do this in the garage for Cora πŸ˜‚
Kate Beavis
Rob Beavis here's a little puzzle for ya😁 make one of these for your little niece leximuss❀️xx
Elizabeth Greenwood Metcalfe
Jodie this was that board i was talking about R would love it x
Belinda Gina Smith
I had something very similar to this when mine were young... Only to find that they could open every lock in the house..
Claire Jackson
Christmas present for grandson Paul Drury ha ha ha not sure if megan will appresiate it though Megan Drury 😜
Cath Bez Jones
Liz Harmer get one of these made for Charlie, he'd love it!
Kirstie Simpson
Paul Garner
Bethany Berriman
Debbie Hedicker tell Grandad this is what Maxi moo needs to keep him busy
Andrea Reid
Sarah Crothers need this for our wee wreckers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Milly Davies
Anne Binney somet for Shane to make nico lol xx
Rachel Gilbert
Holly Pattinson I've been thinking about it for Charlie! Xx
Janet Allison
How good is this Anna Swannell, Jacob would love this?
Llesley Xwadex
Marty Bhoy get on this for the bhoy πŸ‘Œ
Jade Pateman
Jay Bolton charl would love this!! Xx
Candy Lepley
Mum this is wot Marshall needs badly πŸ˜‚ Jacueline Lushly Lepley lol xx
Zoe Taylor
Roisin Newman we should make jasper this
Yvonne Barker
Stephanie Armitage. Not a bad idea for foundation x
Adelle Sweeney
Clint Sweeney Lewis would love this and James
Jade Marie Sherlock
Gerallt A Dana one of these we need πŸ˜‚xxx
Lindsay Johnson
Aunty Christine Christine this is like what I was telling you about. X
David Williams
Probably Wey eye
Laura Cooper
Carla you need this x
Olivia Bronwen Ashby
Rob Ashby we should make this
Samantha Jane
Adam Matthews John Matthews I think Jessica could do with one of these!
Louise Hill
Andrew Mcbride you make this for her birthday?
Sofie Hunter
Scotty Perry
Charlotte May Simpson
Josephine Lilia Violet Player Ada! πŸ˜ƒ
Claire Lamond
Alison J Lamond Charlotte needs one
Selina Neal
Elaine Fox
Rebecca Black
Shane Black
Gem-Gemz Smith
Mirjana Roberts
Louise Austin
Jon Spittle you need to make one of these
Becky Reynolds McAllister
Catherine....Rio would love this!!
Craig Atter
Victoria Hearne Louise Luke
Sara Welch
Gemma Welch Agnes would love this x
Natty Wrenn
Chris Astles we totally need one of these!!! lol
Catherine Love
James Love you should make one for Lex! Xxx
Katie Louise Tabberer
Craig Tabberer albie would like this x
Harriet O'Connor
Sean Murphy polly would love this
Dawn Browning
Danielle Robinson Riley would love this xxx
Clare Michelle White
Andrew White this is what I want for Frankie
Aimi Owen
Thomas Phelan would be perfect for loh
Nicole Jane Bell
My little brother made one for his son.
Josephine Moloney
Good idea πŸ’‘
Eva Nugent Locke
Louise Locke
Chris Wood
Vicky Fortey
Get Tom to make one of these for Amelia Louise x
Jules Williams
Definelty x
Jade Reynolds
Andrew - Theo needs one of these!
Jacinta Thompson
Brett Phillips can you make one for Wade?
Cathy Carroll
Carly van Dungen. I could see Lucas liking this.
Danielle Whitehouse
Tom Lunt Liam would love this x
Megan Eve Walker
Dan Lewis we need to make this for harry x
Fern Victoria Dean
Rex Abbott can we build this
Heather Smith
Ben Thomson we guna need one of these!!!❀❀
Vicky Mortlock
Tazmine Edwards I should do this for Ryan lol
Fiona Hilderley
Peter Dean I need you to make one!
Melanie Micklewright
Jules Williams next project for jay to make Toby πŸ˜‚
Annie Lafferty
Robert get your tools πŸ˜ƒ
Steph Hubbard
Matty Hubbard can you make Rory one of these haag
Christine Dodds Craig
Louise Garrett what about this for skills club
Rachel Barker
Michael Barker here's an idea for Noah
Ellie Newman
Lewis Goldsmith please do this for your son
Rachel Stephenson
Andy Stephenson we need to make one for Jack x
Sarah Coles
Helen Southwell a job for grandad bill for the new garden ?
Sian White
Jaclyn Townshend Dan needs to build one for Finn x
Laura Cocker
Ryan Cocker I want us to make one!!
Jacinta Naughton
Edel Smyth we could do with thus😘
Katie Osborne
Gareth Ayling can you make Flo one of these?
Rachael Limb
Archie would love this Megan Mitchell
Carl Perky Perkins
Mmmmmmmmmm NO!!!!!
Lyn Mayhew
Sonny would love this Darren Mu Mayhew
Emma Gaston
Andy Gaston you could make jakey one of these x
Becky Bennett
Sarah Featherstone I bet Mason would love this xx
Racheal Leathwood
Colin Garratt we want one for Faith πŸ˜‚
Claire Bell
Sasha Bell xx
Laura Morgan
Jenny Comben x
Shelly Orgill
Rebecca Wood-Rogan
Lizzie Davidson
Sarah Williams
Lucy Wilding
SiΓ’n Currier Lee Currier this is what i was on about. Xxx
Jennifer Cawley
Fran Moloney
Mary Hutton
Rhys Ickle
Sophie Louise
Lisa Brannigan
Carys Gill
JoandGilly Gill
Emma Little
Shauna Allen
Laura Copley
Julie Copley get Gary Taylor making this for imogen πŸ˜‚
Sue Lennon
James Killick one for Patrick
Hannah Bewick
Thomas Carney get sorting bits 😁
Michelle Chelle Mcdonald
Tanya Dalton a job for adz xx
Emma Kemp
Peter Green we need this 🀣🀣
Helen Ashby
Jamie Scott Ashby make this for Ronan x x
Becca Denton
Alan πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Debbie Gilligan
David Gilligan build that for E
Madeline Thomas
David Gosling William!!
Sandra Morgan
Georgia Hemingsley Louie would love this xx
Lucy Griffiths
Martyn Griffiths will u make beau one
Vicki Hedley
David Williams can you make one
Alison Perkins
Carl Perky Perkins make kiki one lol xxx
Hazel White
Sophie Eva White for Charlie ??????
Nicola Maloney
Claire Grizzly Hannaway hahaha
Danika Hartley
Steven Stone
Joy Ros
Frederik Alcalde Ordonez
Stevie Evans
Liam Manoli
Valerie Hillcoat
Jennifer Hillcoat
Rosie Minnie Hunt
Matt Ivanko πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Marina English
David Gillespie
Rebecca Louise Pearson
Sam Hutchinson
Kelly Louise John
Craig Oldfield
Rachael Mulvey
Gemma Marie Burden.Lee Burden
Liz May Knight
Jodie Mitchell
Rhianna Hartle
James Coffield
Olivia Walsh
Sarah Jane Halloran πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Charmain Alice Burgess
Carol Hyde x
Mary Benson
Mary Martina Benson
Catrina Johnson Was Scanu
Kate Johnson
Rachael Taylor
Allistair Draffan Taylor
SΓ©aneen NΓ­ Bhaoil
Cricky Brown
Charles Hulbert
Alison Hulbert Martin Wells
Jade Hedworth
Aaron Kohut
Hannah Wale
Ash Wale
Michelle Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell
Amy McPhail
Aaron McPhail
Michaela Quigley
Rain Ocbian Hara
Alison Butt
Judith Burrows
Anna Laura Marie Jennings
Kieron Watson
Lauren Mellor
Hannah Mallaband
Amy Blackford
Emma Mccormick
Helen Hassett
Una Mulvihill
Laura Jordan
Chris Topps
Rachel Whiteley
Stu Whiteley
Nadine McNulty
Chris Searle
Becky Goodey
Dave Goodey
Rachel Louise Davies
Naomi Parry
Kim Suff
Barry Jarman
Darryl Cook
Louise Moyna
Robin Hewings
Kelly Parsloe
Mike DeFer
Andrew Reid
Becky Reid
Lynn Douglas
Peter Douglas
Sarah Ionascu
Laura Ionascu
Ally Buckland Hyde
Marie Buckland Hyde
Jess Blakeley
Charlotte May Simpson
Jan Mullen
Sammie Mullen
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