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September 29th, 2017


Fan Comments

Sarah-Jane Jackson
This is baby reflexology, can work wondered and really sooth baby! Just don't press too hard as this will cause damage and pain :)
Marie Clarke
Donna Whelan just incase the baby happens to cry the odd time πŸ˜‰
Vanessa Wade
Nikki Glover maybe this might be handy if Tommy ever cries that is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Nathalie Forsey
Lol saw this earlier saved it just incase! But no he doesn't really 🀞 x
Carla Green
Kimmy Whelan Whittle dunno if it works... but just in case you ever need... x
Sarah Jones
Tanaya Harding πŸ˜• unsure of this but hey you could give it ago lol
Leanne Chamberlain
Lauren Tyler just squeeze Callies whole foot n hope for the best lol I miss you all x
Jo Rutter
Louise Gallacher just incase you may need this soon πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ xx
Maddy Everitt
Samantha Rouse only tagging coz you have a newborn bubba lol might help xx
Donna Prothero
Wth is mother earth area???
Emma Moon
Demi Leigh Fearnley don't know if this works but worth a go!! Xxxxx
Amanda Naylor
Daniel Nicholson this is where we've been going wrong 😩
Cat Clelland
Mother earth area is to ease psychological ailments such as traumatic bith experience
Linda Sloss
Chrissy Dorman you should try this with the boys lol xxxx
Rachel Keen
Don't know where the "red" come from πŸ˜‚
Jaqueline Swain
Lol I will be pressing his feet constantly lol
Lissa Brian
Amanda Page any use on those long nights of madam crying ? xx
Rachel Delooze
Steph. When all else fails lol xxx
Rachel Ankers
Jodi. Just in case ;-)
Aimee Mills
Saw this thought of u n babys teeth Tami Hickey
Lindsey Holliday
Rosie Hewitt worth keeping for the coming weeks x
Kaylie Bale
Sami Bale need to show this to the neighbours
Avril Porter
Tina Ebbitt not that wee Bert actually cries 🀣🀣🀣🀣
Lynsey Dunlop
Gayle Lorraine Hodge try this on sophie n see if it works 🀣🀣x
Michelle Almutairi
Sarah Lockyer saw this and thought of you! 😍 x
Karen Dowdeswell
Nathalie Forsey although never heard him cry
Al Ex
Worth a shot Ann Hoddy xx
Rebecca Gould
Jessica Emily might be worth trying X
Becky Darnell
What's Mother Earth area?
Katie Taylor
What is the mother earth area??!!
Tarsha Peck
Michelle Sorby xxx
Gemma Moore
Have tried this with my little girl and it works
Rebecca Wright
Andrew Brown what you were telling me last week 😁
Amy Sands
Sharon you may get squeezing toes lol
Nikita Jane Wilkinson
I done this with baby massage
Emily Louise Birney
Shannon Firth worth a try babe πŸ˜‚ xxxxx
Ronald Duckfield
look stacey duckfield xxxxx
Jannie Howlett
Natalie Stewart save this and give it a ago xx
Joanne Kidman
Tierney Kidman try with little man for his teeth xx
Chelcie Bennett
Jenna Timoney u said josh was cranky ?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gemma Lynch
Rachael Smith next time she has a bad day 😊
Denika Brooker
Gemma Lown worth knowing just in case?! Xx
Kt Baker
Rob Newbold..... Could help???
Tracey Wainwright
Courtney Malone might be worth a try x
Kayla Hankinson Molyneux
Mike Hall this is good to know x
Hollie Tarnowski
Laura Dixon this any good 4 u xxx
Vikki Michelle Berry
Laura Jane tried or try this with him xx
Jess Moany Smith
Fucking lies my baby's still crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Julia Devlin
Siovaughn Jonah Devlin bet this don't work on chunk xxx
Sally Mansfield
It is true I learnt this in baby massage works a bloody treat
Michelle Grinsell
Graham worth a try?
Tracy Daisychains
Jodie Howells Might be worth a try x
Jen Conchie
Nicola Shanks Ashcroft this might come in handy! Xx
Shona McClements
Lynsey Mullen. Just in case. X x
Myrtle Stewart
Rebecca Stewart aimee stewart
Kelly Gillen
Martina Kilpatrick always good to know πŸ’– x
Charlotte Charlie Guy
Lauren Dainty worth a go lol xx
Kerry Campbell
Sharon Bond worth a try xx
Kimbley Shute
Lisa Marie Hanrahan you could try this on L
Johanna Delapp
Carol O'Halloran could be worth a try
Hollie Wilson
Richard Burrows worth a shot ? X
Hayley Amanda Whalvin
Carley Evans worth a shit
Lisa Butler
Jessy Bartholomew should try this xx
Dinah Higgs
Danielle Louise just in case xx
Amanda Moynihan
Not sure if this will help Ellesse Clinton-Smith xx
Shona Hands
Mollie Mitten maybe worth a try!
Gemma Harris ʚϊɞ
Sam Ballantyne dunno if it works x
Sophie Northam
Rachel Keen interesting xx
Bekki Boo Sutcliffe
Claire Gunton cant hurt to try?
Lynda Kalloor
Marianne Kalloor see if it works lol
Caroline Dodds
Could be useful Keeley Ann Emery xxx
Sharon Young
Sophie Marie Priestman try on baby b xxx
Donna Murphy
Marie Ryder worth a try xx
Becky Allbut
Leya xx
Becky Ann Coles
Megan Travis worth a try xx
Christine Davey
Sarah Louise Keough this is interesting x
Michelle Donohue O'Connell
Lorraine Mulgrew.... just in case 😊
Kelly Jones
Give it a try Chelsea Close xx
Michelle 'Burchie' Holness
Laura Holness Aimee Loca Reeder Nicola Sykes x
Alexandra Taylor
Lea-Ann Suzie Wood might help teething?
Jane Longley
Lauren Anne Thomas good tips
Rebecca Garson
Lauren Forecast may be of use. X
Emma Walker
Emily Paterson save it
Christine Barnwell
Christy Fox x Brogan Davis x Ashleigh Palmer x Sam Chambers x
Bernadette Braund
Danyelle Cotterill try this
Min O'reilly
Janev & Vicki xxxx
Marie Harris
Laura Jean Kennedy useful to know xx
Kelly Marie Champion
Lauren xx
Sue Redford
PaulGillon. Carla Musgrove
Kelly Joanne Ware
Leanne Dodd Laura Dodd xx
Kerry Taylor
Hannah Louise Taylor may be of use x
Tam Randolph
Kierra Howard Hmmm...
Kates Taft
Natasha Bonsall Danielle Pixiriffin Griffin Lucy Brown Emma Hodgkinson
Denise Burch Thomson
Emily Jane xx
Sharon Carroll
Marissa Coyle 😘😘😘
Vanessa Hayden
Emma Elston xx
Aimee Rapson
Megan Govier xxx
Beth Collinson
Nic Jane Jary xxx
Amanda Brown
Suzy Cochrane xx
Becky Penelope
Arran Markwick Lil'Ell Leigh
Mary Scott
Steph Tasker xx
Tina Metcalfe
Charley Louise Labrum for col xxx
Paige Pendleton-Bowen
Kimberley Jade Croft worth a try !
Kirsty Booth
Lily McGrath xx
Laura Walker
Nikki Wright xz
Dawn Cockerill
Jessika Newton xx
Nicki Allum
Mark N Emma Godden xxx
Shauna Johnston
Elaine Smith πŸ€”
Christina Baker
Alison Anne Smith xx
Darrienne Grant
Amanda Gran Kimberley Tucker
Louise Bibby
Natalie Greenbank xx
Janice Whiting Saunders
Sadie Trotman x
Heidi Taylor
Bethany Button xx
Kelley Gallagher Tracey
OonΓ‘gh McVeigh πŸ’™
Gem Burrows-McKeaveney
Savannah Mitchelmore xx
Toni Howarth
Leanne Tolley 😘
Mark Rae
Teri Gibbons x
Tracey Bloomfield Was Lamb
Janey-Mai Henshall Mary-Lou Reed xxx
Danielle O'Reilly
Martina McGinley Jodie Stephenson Mary-Ellen McGinley Lisa Goodway
Jessica Wood
Sophie 'Doph' Daines xx
Rebecca Reed
Lydia Hughes!!!!
Anouska DziewiΔ…tkowicz
Rachael Clapcott 😊
Michelle Wright
Nataleigh Olly xxx
Elaine Jones
Angela Laura xx
Erica Howard-Steele
Jen Mcgarry xx
Gemma McCullock
Jennifer Palin
Pauline Bennett
Ceri Ann Scrivens
Cheryl Stonehill Power
Kelly Lewis Kate Tarrant
Thaice Pereira
Karina Alberton Blythebyme
Leah Maree Hogendoorn
Emily Burgoyne
Maryann Peters
Stacey Lolly Stacey Louise Peters
Sarah Twirly Stewart
Jeanne Stewart xxxx
Gill Alderson
Elizabeth Ainley
Brooke Duffin
Nadine Neill
Sharyn Reynolds
Sharon Norris
Julie Mooney
Holly Condron
Lyndsey Scott
Gemma Scott Amanda Holmes
Jennifer O'Neill-Wynne
Joanne O Neill
Debbie Sales
Holly Mohan
Paige Matty
Tina Crick
Danielle Pickersgill
Michalla Ryall
Tammy Riley
Melissa O'Connor
Kerrilyn Nutt
Laura Nutt
Louise Spence
Caroline Barney Mcallister
Emma Sed Flood
Imelda Mc Dermott
Emma Pawlowski
Rachel Forrester xxx
Libby O' Leary
Catriona Sheehan
Natalie Febs Goodwin-Efebo
Sammie Taylor
Caroline Hall
Cara-Leigh Hall
Nina Makanji
Chloe Celine Marie Rodrigues-Milho x
Samantha Johnson
Jaqueline Swain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nancy Athey
Leah Callaghan
Tracey Smith-Kunde
Natalie Spencer
Joanne Hamill
Missy Afk
Gail Housechild
Sally Young x
Jayme Russell Sapp
Catherine L. Baker
Carol Cichowicz
Tina Marie Chokas
Michelle Hunter
Eadoina McHugh
Kara Bennett
Hayley Mitchell
Rachael Parker
Holly Walton
Jenny Fullard
Becky Kerry
Tracy Taylor
Bethan Malloy
Katie Miles
Jody McGrath
Stacey Hunt
Katherine Brine
Amy Morris
Natalie Kailita
Natalie Kelly
Rachel Taylor Jennifer Kemp
Chau Sang Lai
Gemma Crampton
Debs Stewart Burns
Jenna Harwood
Emma Redman
Rose Evlat
Mel Barlow
Stacey Copeland
Jo Wood
Soph Harvey
Melanie Lerwill
Gemma Cranshaw
Erica Chamberlain
Tori Chamberlain
Donna Currums
Sarah Owens
Josie Harris
Samantha Realey
Mikaylah Renee Logan
Bradley Lowcock
Suzanne Howes
Carolyn Wiseman
Helen Ayrton York
Jodie York
Kristina St-Vincent
Tenielle Keown-Fisher
Mellie Mac
Caroline Erving
Elaine Price
Ella Meanwell
Kirsty Hanmer
Emma Davis
Shaylyn Stella Walker
Kayleigh Fordham
Emma Tyrrell
Lindsey Addis
Sarah Parry
Carly Louise Brown
Judith Davenport
Sarah Scrivens
Rachel Berresford
Jessica Jayde Foster
Theresa Gould
Paige Louise Lang
Logan Casey Williams
Harmony Jade Nash Kiimmy-manda Simpson
Jord Schild
Mollie-Caitlin Wakefield
Gayle Scrivens
Tracey Killick-Cozens
Sara Buckley
Leanne Bradwell
Angela O'Donnell
Clare McKinley
Sarah Jane Taylor
Debbie Gillett
Nicky Morris
Sam Milburn
Chloe Adams
Chelsea Lane
Carla Andrew
Sky Martell xx
Lisa Mcfall
Cassie Gibbons
Kirsty Ridler
Lee-Anne James
Gerard Gallagher
Julie Patton
Kim Rowlatt
Kerrie Rowlatt xx
Steph Miles
Ellie Walker x
Kirsty Fannin
Morgan Mallalieu
Hannah Thomas
Shell Jones
Jenny Simons
Michelle ❀
Diane Cockayne
Donna Marie
Karen Bree
Tasha Mcquaide
Kat Chloe
Chris Freear
Jenny Caton Dimmock
Lucy Batkin
Kelly Miley's Kelly
Megan Leanne Coles
Savannah Leigh Mcintosh
Jacklyn Webster xxx
Narisa Sargison
Alana Milne
Dee Mark Buckley
Abi Buckley
Claire Thomson
Sarah Jane Berger
Kiera Nicoll
Jess KB Vandiejen
Karen Cameron
Shannon Cameron
Destinie Henson
Kia Henson
Lisa Mccready
Louise Ross
Coryn Harbour
Kiri Harbour
Krista Dodd
Leah Dodd
Alex Robertson
Ella Winrow
Layla Jessica Davis
Amy Jane Smith
Sarah Louise Bateman
Sophie Bateman
Lisa Bird
Jasmine Leigh Boyd
Kirsty Jade Tompkins
Kari Tompkins
Jennifer Castor
Danielle Starbrook
Natalie Hall
Natasha Hall
Emily Punter
Gemma Joseph
Caroline Mead
Jemma Mead x
Emma BP
Sarah Townend x
Helen Smith
Phil Hawkes πŸ’—
Mandie Davies
Megan Rosee Andrews 😘
Paul Riley
Natasha Smith x
Dani Stephen
Chelsea Lauren Anderson xx
Zoe Cabral
Kylie Elizabeth Matt Kessinger
Penny Carter-Francis
Laura Monticelli Murray X
Kylie Major
Jenny Osbon Major πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Moira Kirkwood
Chelsea-louise Napier xx
Angharad Thomas
Kiri Thomas x
Lynne Staniforth
Micayla Haigh x
Anna Ormiston
Magdalena Baginska πŸ˜€
Billie Jean Mclaren
Lucy Tommy CullenπŸ€”
Claire Quinn
Charlene O'Boyle Claire Groogan
Lucymay Ellison
Lauren Quigley James Ellison
Vanessa Wendy Brooks
Lorraine Cook
Nì Chunaì Lee Jamie
Sarah Devlin Declan Cooney
Jennifer Mosley
Natalie Quinn
Chantelle Parker
Claire Olivia Vienna Staniforth x
Stacey Copeland
Glenn Morgan
Vic Cheets
Stacey Coleman
Millie Jani
Aarti Raval
Ashley Willcocks
Holly Robbs
Gemma Brown
Harriet Davis
Steph Aburrow
Fiona Aburrow Tony Aburrow
Kate Rushmer
Jade Leeder Lynsey Lj Boston
Laurah Evans
Hayley Watkins
Amanda Brennan
Abbey Fennell
Rachel Grimshaw
Sarah Grimshaw
Leanne Williams
Samantha Turner
Marie Morrissey Kennedy
Sinead Ebbs
Becca Thompson
Carly Mica Casasco
Gary Wilson
Mercedes Marlow
Claire Jaye
Emma Emily Allinson
Staci Louise Brown
Lisa Chand
Sue Goodall
Jade Telfer
Megan Macgregor
Sheona Macgregor
Kerry Johnstone
Melissa Armstrong
Audrey Murphy
Amanda Murphy
Gemma Pearson
Faye Hawke
Emily Glenski
Jade Louise
Jade Evans
Kelly-anne Ryder
Lisa Pestell
Stephani Lesley
Mandy Rogers
Kirstie Angela De Feo
Danielle Trafford
Stacey Trafford
Dawn Leach
Jodie Louise
Denise Jones
Bridie Rose
Katie Maries
Mel May
Chloe-Louise Darmanin
Katie Towart
Emily Bamford
Marie J Panter
Vicki Farr
Lilian Quigley
Norma Sloan
Karen Boyle
Michelle Gallagher Boyle!
Emma Chimba
Sara Brunning
Kelly Montague Palmer-Stokes
Daynaa Hart
Lindsey LI
Keri Irvine
Maritza Delourdes Cogan
Yildiz Gamo
Ashleigh Packham
Antonia Donna Graves
Rachel Marie
Sarah-Jayne Moulton
Aimee Billing
Ewelina Pecio Dominik Zarnowski
Zara Webb
Shanay Coggin
Christina Seacombe
Charlotte Fitzgerald
Athina Eleftheriou
Stavroulla Steffi Eleftheriou
Claire Batchelor
Anna Hutchinson
Natasha Thompson
Sarah MacGregor
Marie Grady
Michelle Barnett
Lyndsey-Anne Robinson
Rachael Louise Roberts
Alison Williams
Tara Louise Coots-Williams
Melissa Day
Lisa Day
Jenny Sullivan
Lucy Jane Carruthers
Danielle Morgan
Abbie Morgan
Sara Leanne Nicholls
Kayleigh Raper-Godfrey Mike Butcher
Laura Soanes
Billie Soanes
Zowie Straughan
Amey Straughan
Guy Lynch
Tori Paige Bonham
Nicole Tremain
Lindsey Minty Lister Rob Minty Lister
Susan Yeoman
Nikki Maxey
Alisha Scott
Seham Ammouri Em Jowad
Lisa Cronin
Jean O Callaghan
Vicky Phillips
Steph Chanel
Amelia Ankers
Rachel Andrew
Vicky Princess Chown
Shannon Chown
Minz Davies
Shanan Leonard
Sara Marie Bird
Lucy Zena Bird
Lara Alexandra
Justine Charlotte
Vanessa Jordon
Ashlea Haas
Helen McNeill
Laura Warwick
Lauren Murrey
Chelsea Craig
Laura Taylor
Catherine Rainey
Lee Mayson
Tim Nutley
Donna Kelly
Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Leigh
Devon Leigh
Teresa Tinkler
Jojo Gill
Melanie White
Samantha Walker
Jennifer McCreanor
Jason Doherty
Sarah Jane Calvert
Tania McFaul
Catherine Logan
Lauren Mcloughlin
Charlotte Brewin Robinson
Jenette Longburn
Laura Bean
Gemma Louise Moreton
Demelza-Dawn Lund
Angela Westlake
Rachel Reynolds
Laura Harper
Jade Hedworth
Aaron Kohut
Michelle Sills
Chris Sills
Angel Mayka Lobaton
Milena Correa Lobaton
Wendy Springett
Ellie Louise Springett Sam Walton
Kerry Olsen
Beth Moore
Amanda Power
Lisa O'Shea
Penny Oconnor
Danny Parker-Finn
Sam Blake
Kerry Sadlier
Kerran Barresi
Tammy Lee Magro
Sara Park
Chloe Glass
Loopy Lynne Billien
Tiffany Billien
Natasha Clarke
Natalee Clarke
Anne Dring
Debra Brown
Sarah Barrett
Ledean Barrett
Siobhan Fitzgerald
Andy Moloney
Fiona Waddicar
Vicky Smith
Charmain Aubury
Lauren Aubury
Cara Sweeney
Natalie Brannan
Ffion Lewis
Jade Elizabeth James
Belinda Jane Mount
Hannah-Louise Mount
Sue Brookes
Sarah Brookes
Amy Curless
Leanne Ferns
Simone Bernard
Megan Jade
Meleri SiΓ΄n
Lowri Sion
Noreen Power
Colleen Hayes
Lynn Brannan
Jade Charters
Aimee Simmons
Katrina Mason
Mayra Moreno
Maria Nichols
Tim Nutley
Kimberley-jane Nutley
Linda Gallagher
Dawn Gallagher
Terri-leigh Stonebridge
James Stonebusy Stonebridge
Carrie Beeby
Emma Louisee Beeby
Jack Daniel Reynolds
Carla Jennings
Loah Misador
Cindy Aragoncillo Salvador ❀
Amanda Jones
Susanne Parry
Sharon Lyttle Belshaw
Caroline Duke
Jennean Henry
Francesca O'Neill
Katie Mitchell
Susanne Watson
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