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September 21st, 2017


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Svetlana Piperkova
true story, my daughter is about to start Uni in less than a month and I am, both excited and dreading it :( when did time fly so fast?
Liza Bailey
Naomi my baby off to Kingston Uni Saturday boo hoo. All the best to all those heading off and for the mums they will be home for a visit soon trust me I've done this before 😊
Jamie Russell Mua
Harvie Russell Macie russell Roxie russell Elsie russell my everything's xxxx
SiobhΓ‘n Nic Conmara
Paula this so reminds me of you 😊
Belinda Allen
I remember my sons first day at work. He was ignored 😑😑😑
Ann Egan
Caitlin when I have to leave you at uni xx
Shirley-ann Boyle
Jordan Lemon Taylor Boyle Your schoolbag this yr T may as well be a suitcase πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Gabriella Persson
Precis sΓ₯ Γ€r det, kanske lite lΓΆjligt men ack sΓ₯ sant! Angelica Troff Oliver Persson ❀❀❀
Kelly Moore
Tracey Moore this is u with Nathan and his 3 flights! Lol x
Cheryl Robertson
Very true,cried all the way home from Southampton when my Mark went to uni !
Nita Edwards
Karen.. quite fitting as your 'little' girl has gone to uni xx
Sue Liu
Glenn Liu..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Not quite but couldn't resist !
Sian Williams
Sasha Eve Williams Remember this next week when u start your second year at uni πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Michelle Foster
Shannon Tiernan When I left you at uni 😒and cried all the way home xx
Angie Tazey
Kieran Tazey you will always be my little boy x
Amanda Jane
Emily Gould this is very true, especially when I saw you at work earlier xx
Madi Stevens
Luke Gower Abbie Gower this is so true always my bubs & bubba always xxxx
Julie Pritchett
Yes me next year when my son goes uni x
Heather J Dunlop
Nicole Dunlop your always gonna be my baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈ
Carol Batham
Bryony Hubble.....I can't change....accept it xxxx
Karen Moody
Aimee Gray this is so me right now xx
Lynette Sturrock
Kayleigh Fullarton this is how I will always see you xxx
Karen Cunningham
Alice McGlynn saturday in Liverpool 😍😍😍
Kylie Williams
Karlee Williams u will always b my little girl no matter how old u r xo
Hayley Clare
Chloe Pestell Josh Pestell this is what I try and explain to you xxx
Chris Tyler
Kayle Tyler this is so me lol!
Vicky Dumigan
Ellie Dumigan xx
Melissa Baert
Gunter Baert nu ik zelf mama ben snap ik het 😭
Michelle Lowry
You will get though it Jo Henman xx😘😘
Thelma Bell
It's ME, Donna Stewart... & she's 21!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Debra Reid
Louise Reid 9 days ..... xxx
Nicky Deacon
Donna Stewart
Lynn McDowell Smith. Is this you?! Xx
Caroline Cleary
Oh my god . So me ha ha
Gill Melin Collyer
Hannah collyer
Sally Clark
Always lol
Julie Wade Field
Zak Field .. this was so true!! Xx
Richie Thomas
Carl thomad
Lisa Mccandless
Remind you of anyone Zac McCandless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Syra Ishtiaq
Christina Hanaphy
ChloΓ© Rosaria Hanaphy thats me worrying too muchπŸ˜•β˜ΊπŸ˜˜
Julie Scott
So true Hannah Samantha Bell and Jessica Scott xxxx
Jo Morley
Ryan Hopkinson xx this is me lol
Liz Blackbourn
James Blackbourn & MatthewBlackbourn.....xxx
Joanne Harmison
Kaitlin Harmison Becka Mia Harmison yep this is how I see it πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Tracie Frances
Ha yep definitely Kay Louise Neola Readshaw
Leanne Naughter
Margaret Redmond πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dis is u dis week
Jo Halliwell
Chloe Natasha Abbey Halliwell always looking out for you ❀️❀️
Jane Taylor Marshall
Kirsty xx true
Nicky Westwood Ormerod
Gemma ❀️xxx
Helen Walker
Emma Lucie 😍😍
Julie Hanna
Jodie Hanna ..... me ! πŸ˜‚
Lynn Swingle
Chris Swingle , Danielle Swingle, Emma Louise Swingle so true
Nicola Bourlet
Bradley Stopher and Leonie Potter πŸ™„πŸ˜˜
Donna Rudgeley
Ben Rudgeley kirsten rudgeley
Amanda Proctor
Katie Proctor 😩 xxxxxxxx
Tania Gould
Nicola Gould Olivia Gould Lottie Gould x
Anna Seamark
Amy Wheatley xxxxxxx
Caroline Chalmers
Saskia Chalmers & Georgia Chalmers x
Kelly Clark
Ebony Clark ❀️❀️❀️
Barbara Creak Was Giles
Emily Creak & Rob Creak ... lol x
Sian Quinton
Ella Quinton and Bailey πŸ’œ
Charmaine Delagua
Keisha Ballester Shaniah Ballester Tyreeshaa Ballesterr 😢😢
Rebecca Cockayne-Davies
Ffion Canning-Davies & Josh Davies, yep😘
Xjo-jox Panting
Remember this Sinead Kennedy Leah Kennedy
Teresa Melora Robson
Ethan Robson, Mia Robson, always! X
Helena Fry
Alfie Pashley yep lol xx
Amy Butt
Abbie Symonds 😒 xxxx
SiobhΓ‘n Kane
Cara Kane Jodie Kane xx
Karen O'brien
Morgan O'Brien xx
Louise Ward
Josh Ward Max Ward 😘
Jeanette Gilmore
So true Laura-Jane Gilmore Katie Oliver-James Keay ❀️❀️
Tracey Major
Jack Major heee
Michelle Laws
Dale Hindhaugh Zak Hindhaugh Karl Hindhaugh Alex Robinson 😒😒
Michelle Mckelvey
Amy Mckelvey..😒😒😒
Sarah Nicholls
Lewis Nicholls Shannon Nicholls 😘😘
Becky Louise Gay
Lynsey 😘
Dawn Riordan Formaly Watts
Kelly Riordan, Stacey Rebecca Riordan, Liam Riordan, πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’™xxx
Joanne Keegan
Sharna Smith Dayna Keegan :)
Jayne Townend
Emily Townend ❀️❀️❀️❀️
Claire Dales
Jo Henman xx
Teresa Rickhuss
Emma Jeavons Lucie Byng Dan Jeavons
Trish Ansell
Amie-Louise Ansell β€οΈπŸ˜€πŸ˜‚
Wendy Magill
Rebecca Magill lol
Donna Spooner
Clare Johnson Tom Johnson
Tracy Rosina Searle
Nicola James X
Sarah Elkington
Jaike Caruana Jaimes Turner
Fay Meen
Elise Thompson 😭
Caroline Stewart
Brittany Cartwright ❀️
Jayne Caroline
Katie Anne😘😘
Melanie Payne
Evan Payne πŸ’™
Suzanne Bond
Summer Bond πŸ’•
Anna Jones
Lucia Elise Jones 😚😚 xxx
Jo Williams
Hayley Marie Gillespie 😘😘
Ella Gifford
Jessie Gifford 😘
Lina Evans
Elliece Hermitage ❀️
Symone Hooley
Sian Elizabeth Clark Jacob Clark
Michelle Nurney
Bethany Hibbert 😳
Lisa Queenie Jackson
Alfie Jackson Sidney Jackson Frankie James
Karen Kelly
Ciara Tweed Gemma Steele Hannah Elliott Dean Wright
Chris Smith
Katie Smith Francesca Smith
Elaine Haddock
Anna Haddock Isla Haddock
Gemma Drewery
Jessika Drewery πŸ˜‚
Helen Handley
Megan Handley😜
Kelly Sherwood
Mitchell Sherwood Oliver Sherwood
Debbie Fenn
Andrew Briggs, Rob Briggs, Emma Briggs xxx
Sarah-Louise Bowles
Alex Bowles Emma Bowles ❀️❀️
Hannah Hills
Ellie Walton 😒😘
Katrina Manley
Kayleigh-Marie Manley!
Laura Vye
Dominic 😘
Kerry Watman
Amy Lee Callum Lee Billy Cooper xx
Claire Leanne Dunn
Tamzin Dunn
Marie Sadler
Callie Jade Bloodworth
Kara Carroll
Leon Carroll
Melissa Thomas
Alexys Davis
Kerry Radley
Bryony Radley Courtney Radley
Louise Forbes
Craig Gunn
Julie-Ann Coll
Kerri-lynn Cooke
Jo Gearing
Paige Bunter
Lilian Quigley
Lauren Quigley
Chriss Masser
Tommy-Lee Bloor ❀ & Brandon-Lee Bloor ❀
Bethany Berriman
Debbie Hedicker
Jo Reid
Sammie Reid
Jenn Price
Cooper Price
Trina Curtis
Ellie Curtis Webber
Caroline Cleghorn
Amy-Lee Greenhalgh
Kerry Williams
Bradley Marden see
Shelley Nightingale
Aimee Louise Cunningham
Lindsey Thomas
Rhys Thomas
Andrea Woodcock
Hannah Woodcock
Cathryn Wright
Keeley Wright
Beckie Finch
Kyle Finch New 😚😚
Sarah Nicholson
Emily Nicholson
Jane Tomlinson
Diane Hannant
Claire Denton
Zoë Denton Amy Denton 😘😘😘
Leanne Todd
Bradley Todd Owen Todd πŸ’™πŸ’™
Jude Crowley
Hannah John
Catherine West
Leah West
Freda Murphy
Reyona Murphy
Angela Burns
Melanie Jane Gardner xx
Amanda Brown
Will Sumner 😘
Robert Hughes
RJ Hughes
Karen Paull
Chantel Phillips 😘 Ethan Phillips 😘
Victoria Chamberlain
Kelsi Chamberlain xx
Vicki Pope
Hannah Louise Pope xx
Tracy Milson
James Milson 😟
Amanda Bridge
Alex Smith Brandon Dixon πŸ˜‚
Nicky Challice
Emily Jack
Helen Poshpaws Begum
Cammy Mahmood x
Carrie Batt
Paige Leigh Batt Kyle Batt
Colette Cunningham
Emma Cunningham Christopher Cunningham
Clare Marie Gilmore
Alison Russell
Yvonne Milligan
Corey MilliganπŸ˜”
Karen Dixon Moore
Thomas Moore
Chloe Rebecca Newbury
Jennie Newbury-Veitch
Belinda Jane
Caitlin Swinbank
Laura Walsh
Jade Ferns
Claire Ashwin
Ash Scaife Callum Scaife
Helen Grattan
Kathy Wilson
Kay Boxall
Daisy Boxall
Susan Harrower
Karen O'brien Craig Harrower
Steph Finch
Jasmin Martin
Ciara Burns
Alexandra Kelly
Marianne Cruz
Abigail Olivero
Melissa Louise
Aaliyah-jade Hindle-collinge
Anne-Marrie Mason
Logan Baxter
Natalie Moreton
Beth Moreton
Emma Thick
Tiana Clark
Chelsea Watson
Michelle Louise Watson
Donna Will
Michael Deans
Shaz Bates
Tia Bates New
Mona Gowland
Amy Gowland
Gemma Coughlan
Leah Trezise
Angela Daultrey
Bradley Daultrey
Taylor Mcewan
Donna Richford Mcewan
Chanel Tidiman
Louis Tidiman
Sharron Jones
Adam Jones
Diana Marchant
Claire Dempsey
Melissa Punch
Lillee Nuttall
Dawn Jones
Marcus Beech
Lindsay Hodges
Keeley Hodges
Jean Mak
Sophia Mak
Kerry Tipple
Jordan Howlett Courtney Howlett
Debbie Francis
Hannah FrancisNaomi FrancisLloyd Francis
Cheryl Hodder
Georgia Alexis x
Karen Grealey
Georgia Grealey
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